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Join HRD

Join HRD

Wanna start a new hobby? Interested in joining the best roller derby team in Finland?

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All-Stars, Queen B's, C-cassette, juniors, officials... and we train new skaters twice a year.

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The Bunker

The Bunker

We have our own training space in Jätkäsaari. Wanna practise there? Let us know!

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Fun times at the open skate!

After almost three hours they still look happy! In front we have our “sneaker derby” players in team baby blue against team pink, and behind them the skaters -we had to split the group in two, because we couldn ‘t fit them all on the tracks at once!

We had a great open skate event last Saturday -thank you SO MUCH for joining!

We had roughly 40 people practising basic skating skills, learning the basics open roller derby rules, playing some “sneaker derby” and hearing about Helsinki Roller Derby and Helsinki Power Danger / Tampere Rolling Bros and about our intensive beginners course -all this in three hours! Crazy, right?!?

Our coaches were amazed -these people learned to skate in no time, and they were doing super clever moves on their very first jams! One of our FTP coaches said it well: “we want all these guys on our course -if they got this far in just couple of hours, I really want to see them after a couple more!”. Couldn’ t agree more.
 Our course for the spring begins soon (first session 30th of January),

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New beginners’ course begins in February -sign up NOW!

We are offering another one of our brilliant and super popular beginners ‘ course in February! In our fully packed intense “freshmeat training period” you get solid skating skills, learn the rules and master your first game moves. After the course you are good to go, whether it is a joyful (and sweaty!) new hobby or a nice kick-start for your athletic or referee career you are looking for!

The fresh meat course training times are Monday evenings (20:00-22:00) and Saturday afternoons (12:00-14:00), and these trainings will be held in Bunkkeri (Itäinen Vaihdekuja 8) throuhgout February. Besides these skating lessons, we will organise some off skate practises and/or “rule school” and other cool stuff for you.  During the course you get to watch and learn the game on Friday scrimmages in Bunkkeri as well. With the course fee, you get to participate to the trainings in March as well -those training times will be announced once our training space bookings are confirmed.

The course begins in on Monday 30th of January at 20:00 with getting to know each other and tuning our gears!

Check out these happy fellows who just passed their FTP course -this could be you in few months!
We will have several skilled trainers taking care of the course, and our Finnish National Champs team, the Queen B’ s, will come to help you in each and every practise -this way we will make sure that you get the most out of your course!
We will take the first 25 skaters to the course. The course costs 80 €. You can

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Kulttuurilahja-campaign is the thing!

Kulttuurilahja ( “Culture Gift” ) is a new crowdfunding platform. Our All-Stars are one of the first Kulttuurilahja-fundraising projects.

All-Stars battle with the best teams in the world. They are now fifth in Europe and 22nd in the world. All-Stars compete mainly against foreign teams, which means 2 to 4 trips to Europe and overseas per year.

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