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Join HRD

Join HRD

Wanna start a new hobby? Interested in joining the best roller derby team in Finland?

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All-Stars, Queen B's, C-cassette, juniors, officials... and we train new skaters twice a year.

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The Bunker

The Bunker

We have our own training space in Jätkäsaari. Wanna practise there? Let us know!

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  • http://www.jaminthebox.com
  • http://www.evofitness.fi/
  • http://gearcheck.fi/
  • http://fysiorunteli.fi/

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Full speed at Sporttitori

Today was awesome. The Helsinki Roller Derby juniors played their first outdoor game! We introduced our junior team at the YES to Organ Donation Sporttitori event. The weather was with us: the sun shone bright and the sky was at its bluest. The juniors were full of sunny energy, and looking at the game

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New junior course begins in September!

We want to offer the opportunity to start the best hobby in the world to all fresh newcomers, aged between 10 and 17! For the beginning of the course you don ‘t need your own gears, we have some extras we can borrow.

The new junior roller derby course begins in 5.9.2016, and we will continue until December. The course is aimed to 10-17 year olds (are you 16 or 17? See the text below!), and everyone is very welcomed just as they are.

We will have the course in our regular training space in the Bunkkeri of Jätkäsaari (Itäinen Vaihdekuja 8, 5th floor). Our training time is 17:30-19:00 on Wednesdays, and the course costs 140€. We can take up to 15 new skaters to the course.


What is this junior roller derby all about? MANY THINGS! But do read our report from the Junior Bootcamp here!

Before the course we offer couple of opportunities to get to know us and the awesome sport we call roller derby:

30.7.2016 Open skate @ 16:00 

20.8.2016 Open skate @ 16:00

@ Bunkkeri (Itäinen Vaihdekuja 8, 5th floor)

Try out the derby gears and skate your first laps in quad skates! We will also tell you a little bit about the training, about roller derby and the upcoming freshmeat (=beginners) training course.

Please let us know in advance what size of skates you need and register for the event (juniorit (at) helsinkirollerderby.com)!

We are arranging the open skates for adults at the same time.

You can sign up for the course by sending us e-mail to juniorit (at) helsinkirollerderby.com!

We will update the latest info to this page!

You can also follow the announcements in the facebook pages of Junior Roller Derby Finland and HRD!

If you have any questions or would like to sign in for the course, send us mail to juniorit (at) helsinkirollerderby.com!
Are you 16 or 17 years old?

Our fresh meat course for beginners is open for 16 years up. This is the first time it is open for younger people and you will be skating with 30+ years mates. Atmosphere there is very warm and helpful as well, and you can choose whether you wish to join the juniors or the adults beginner course. Just let us know what you wish to do when you sign up!

In both groups (juniors and FTP) all genders practice together.

P.S: Here are some useful links and some answers to frequently asked questions!


Here you can see what the basic training looks like:  http://youtu.be/xhU4aPU1mww

Junior roller derby is played on three different skill levels -we always begin from the zero! In this video they play level three junior roller derby, and there’ s also a pretty good explanation of the rules in the beginning: http://youtu.be/gD5ifq5uEls



Roller derby is a contact sport,

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