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Join HRD

Join HRD

Wanna start a new hobby? Interested in joining the best roller derby team in Finland?

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All-Stars, Queen B's, C-cassette, juniors, officials... and we train new skaters twice a year.

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The Bunker

The Bunker

We have our own training space in Jätkäsaari. Wanna practise there? Let us know!

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  • http://www.evofitness.fi/
  • http://fysiorunteli.fi/
  • https://www.facebook.com/punkmarkophotos/
  • http://gearcheck.fi/

Latest blogs

Are you our new Freshmeat for the fall 2016?

We are offering another one of our brilliant and super popular beginner ‘s course in the fall! With our three months “freshmeat training period” you get a solid skating skills, learn the rules and master your first game moves. After the course you are good to go, whether it is a joyful (and swetty!) new hobby or a nice kick-start for your athletic or referee career you are looking for!

The fresh meat course training times are Mondays evening (20:00-22:00) and Saturdays afternoon (12:00-14:00), and these trainings will be held in Bunkkeri (Itäinen Vaihdekuja 8). We will mostly work on the same skills on Mondays and Saturdays, so it is ok if you can’ t attend both -that ‘s the beauty of having two training times! Besides Mondays and Saturdays, we will have some off skate practises and/or “rule school” and other cool stuff on Tuesdays at 18:30-20:30. These sessions are held in Pohjois-Haagan nuorisotalo (Teuvo Pakkalan tie 5C). During the course you get to watch and learn the game on Friday scrimmages in Bunkkeri as well.

The course begins in the beginning of September with getting to know each other and tuning our gears. The last training sessions and skill tests will be held in November, after which you can join HRD as a full member!
BUT WAIT, THERE’ S MORE! With the course fee you also get to participate in our all-league trainings in the end of November! WOW!
We will have several skilled trainers taking care of the course, and our Finnish National Champs team,

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First day of MayDay in HEL was full of excitement

First day of MayDay in HEL tournament done, and what a day it was! Four amazing games in the great venue -we can barely wait for tomorrow! Luckily we don ‘t have to sleep, since there’ s the afterparty at Tavastia!

Can ‘t make it in Jäähalli tomorrow? Check out the stream in FanSeat!

Malmö won the slow paced, low scoring game against HRD

In the first game of the day our hosts challenged Malmö Crime City Rollers. The game was really even, slow paced and low scoring, especially in the first period: it took both teams a while to get used to the new kind of floor, and towards the end of the game, it seemed that Malmö got the hang of things sooner than HRD. There were many jams full 2 minutes without the lead, which is not that common!

Both teams played strong defence, and even thought good effort to make offence were made, it was difficult for the jammers to use it to their advantage, maybe because of the lack of grip. In the second period Malmö took a strong lead. The final score was 156-91 to Malmö.


MIA hitting the Malmö wall (check out her lipstick matching to Malmö’ s shirts (the word says it is NYX, if you wish to follow our trendsetter!)


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