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All-Stars, Queen B's, C-cassette, juniors, officials... and we train new skaters twice a year.

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Latest blogs

All-Stars on the rise in the Anarchy tournament

During Easter weekend European derby fanatics were not looking for Easter eggs, but following Twitter, as it was time for the 6th annual Anarchy in the UK tournament. The five teams playing were “Europe’s finest” : all Division 1 teams, top 5 in Europe. These games were important for all the teams because of the ranking points

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Busy weekend: C-cassette and AL-pakka nailed it at Joensuu, Queen B’s played a real nail biter in Gothenburg

It sure was one busy weekend! Oh, and we ‘ve got big news: we have a new team, called AL-pakkas! Our 2 years time in Bunkkeri allowed us to raise a whole new generation of players, and this meant that we could develop our C-team into a more competitive crew, and build a new recreational team for the whole league. Both the new, shiny and more competitive C-cassette, and brand-new AL-pakka got to prove what they’ ve got last Saturday at Joensuu, and meanwhile in Sweden our Queen B ‘s played a real nailbiter in Gothenburg.

C-cassette took a clear win over Joensuu Rolling Rogues

C-cassette traveled to Joensuu on Saturday to play against the Joensuu Rolling Rogues, the winner of last years Finnish Division 1*. We separated our C-cassette from our all-league skaters in the beginning of the year: this resulted in to a more competitive C-team, and a new all-league team called “AL-pakka”. Given that our B/C-crossover players were mostly traveling to Gothenburg at the same time, a tight game was expected, with some new roles. It was also the first official game with their new coach, Ville Koivula. C-cassette nailed the game, the final score was 112-230 for us.

*Here in Finland we have Finnish Nationals (Suomi Cup) series with 6 teams, and under that the Division 1 (Ykkösdivisioona) with 4 teams. Division 1 winner gets to play against the last team on Finnish Nationals, and by winning that there’ s a change of getting to the Finnish National series.

AL-pakkas first ever game against Joensuu B-team, Rolling Raccoons

Also our newest darlings, AL-pakkas, mostly formed from last autumns and this falls freshmeat

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