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You know the moment right before a game when your team huddles together, everyone reach their hand in the middle and shout out loud something weird or even funny? Usually when you start listening and you pick up a word or two you think is it weird because someone said something about dogs or states or win or what ever. For me it’s the moment when adrenalin rushes thru my …Read More

The best and most hardworking members awarded at the Gala

Helsinki Roller Derby celebrated the end of 2015 with its annual Gala event! The night was lively, full of smiles, and good times were had by all! Finally, the entire league voted for the 2015 diplomas and here are the results: FTP Best Freshmeat (Spring): Viivi Salonen Best Freshmeat (Fall): Katri Penttinen C-kasetti Best Jammer: Katariina “CutCut” Koivuniemi Best Blocker: Tiina “Piina” Laatikainen MVP: Tiina “Piina” Laatikainen Queen B’s Best …Read More

My time as Fresh Meat – beginner experiences

In September we will begin yet another fresh meat (=beginner) training period. HRD arranges usually two courses each year, one in fall and one in spring. To inspire the next HRD skater generation, we decided to look back and check out how the last fresh meat course “graduates” are doing, and what kind of memories they have of their first steps in the course. Now, only a bit over half …Read More

Best Hits Vol. II -four games that notably shortened your nails

The air crisp and clean from the spring rains, the sports hall fills. The excitement in the air is palpable–almost thick enough to cut through. Teams from all over Finland gather for the Best Hits II event, a closed tournament for the C and B division teams. The mood is strong and positive–rightfully so, as the day’s progression would show what the girls of HRD’s C-cassette, KRR’s Piritorin Ässät, Tampere’s …Read More


We have a new promotion going on to support our All-Stars on their road to Big O 2015: For any donation over 100 euros we will be sending out a pair of our famous lovelysally Ninja turtles leggings or bike shorts in your size! You have until April 1st to get your order in! We will either post these to you or you can pick them up at Big O! Donated …Read More

Opening Game of the Finnish Nationals: HRD vs TRD

We waited for the opening game of the Finnish National Cup for 2015 with nervous excitement. As a league we had decided that the coaches of our B team would pick the roster for the National Cup games, which means the rosters would be based on the people training with the B team. We hoped it would give the B team a goal to carry them through the year. We …Read More


New year, new gear! What used to be known as the “Skater of the Month” is now the “Star of the Month” because not all the stars are players. In this series we will also be presenting referees, officials and volunteers for their valuable work in our league. The first one to feature in our brand new series is the one and only… well, Only! Only represents the oldies but …Read More

HRD travels to WET!

Helsinki Roller Derby has the honor of being part of WET 2014 tournament, held at Malmö, Sweden, at Baltiska Hallen, which a very familiar and dear venue to HRD’s history. Long time has passed since the first Scandinavian tournament Battle of the Nordic Lights, also hosted by CCR, which was HRD’s first tournament – now Helsinki Roller Derby is part of European’s TOP 10 WFTDA ranked leagues and being invited to join …Read More

HRD is looking for new skaters and officials!

Helsinki Roller Derby is hosting Open Skate event on 22nd of August 7:30-10PM at Pasila Sports Hall. 7:30 PM we will kick off by trying out loan gear and skating and also by going through what reffing and NSOing (non skating officiating) means in roller derby. 9-10PM HRD skaters will scrimmage and there’s a possibility to study the sport and game play with few experienced skaters, that will help audience …Read More

Garden State vs HRD: Hot and heavy!

The last game of the season for the Turtles was against Garden State from New Jersey. It took place in Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center in Newark, New Jersey. The skating center was a roller skating rink you usually see in the movies, with a discoball in the centre of the rink. Branch Brook is known for its roller skating happenings, including for example Gospel skating. Before today’s game, …Read More

Helsinki Roller Derby All Stars vs. Blue Ridge Rollergirls

HRD’s second, highly anticipated game in this years ECDX was against Blue Ridge Rollergirls. Blue Ridge – currently ranked at the place 41 in the WFTDA-rankings was to be the toughest opponent HRD were to face during their US-tournament. The narrow loss against Charlottesville earlier in the ECDX and a victory against Brandywine few days before the tournament had all the promises of a good game! Also our injured jammer …Read More

21.6.2014 ECDX: Charlottesville vs HRD

EXDX at last! East Coast Derby Extravaganza is a weekend long roller derby tournament in Philadelphia hosted by Philly Roller Girls. We have been planning on participating in it for a long time and it has been the goal around which HRD’s A-team’s spring training has revolved. Finally we were there! On Friday the Turtles visited the venue, where the weekend started with junior and merby games. We got a …Read More

18.06.2014 Brandywine roller girls vs. Helsinki Roller Derby All Stars Ninja Turtles closed door bout at Caln skating center

Before our Brandywine game we had the luxury of taking a few days off after a very hot and hard fought battle against Long Island. In order to get to Brandywine we took off in our caravan of cars and made our way from Brooklyn, through Jersey and past Philly in the scolding heat. All I can say is thank quad for air conditioning, us Finns are not used to …Read More

Taking Home Long Island

It’s Sunday morning, and there’s 20 people in a tiny kitchen making porridge and waiting for the coffee to be ready. It’s already warm outside, and squirrels are running up and down the trees in our backyard in Brooklyn. It’s time for our first sanctioned game in the USA, and we’re eager to play. By 8 a.m. we’ve reached the train station, and it takes us two trains and a …Read More

“Sata salamaa iskee tulta”

We left our Brooklyn home sweating since it seemed to be a very warm and sunny day. Right after we came to the venue the clouds changed from bright light blue to all shades of grey and black and started moving towards us super fast. The clouds of doom and Friday the 13th didn’t seem like a good combination at first, but of course, we had to stay out and …Read More