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AL-pakka and Best Hits

Al-pakka was founded in 2017 to be a team thats main goal was not in competing and that would be open to skaters in all levels. Al-pakka has many roles: it is the start for many skaters, but it is also a new beginning or a waypoint for returning or new recruited skaters.

Al-pakka has scrimmaged against Turku’s Åbo Dirty River Roller Derby’s beginners last summer, and also faced against the joined team that included Porvoo Roller Derby’s and Lappeenranta LPR HC Roller’s beginners in Porvoo last fall. Al-pakka has also had the opportunity to scrimmaged against their own the past year in Helsinki.

Helsinki Roller Derby organized the Best Hits tournament last December in Pasila, Helsinki. This tournament is meant for the rookies in the leagues and it was the first for many of the players in Al-pakka, having players that only had joined Al-pakka few months prior.

Al-pakka played against Åbo Dirty River Roller Derby’s team B-ajs from Turku, and against a joiden team that consisted of players from Kallio Rolling Rainbow and Lappeenranta’s LPR HC Rollers. The juniors from HRD also played against a joined team called ’Vakaat Aikuiset’ (the Steady Adults), which consisted of players from HRD and Helsinki Coast Quads Roller Derby.

The first game was between Al-pakka and Åbo B-ajs. Åbo Baj’s clever game play, fierce offence and strong jammers took the lead early in the game, but Al-pakka refused to give up, even though Al-pakka was left scoreless in several jams. The final score was 106-284 for Åbo B-ajs.


Marko Niemelä

Picture: Marko Niemelä

The next game was between the juniors of HRD and Vakaat Aikuiset. This was a very exciting game and the juniors hard work and smart game play paid of and they took the win over Vakaat Aikuiset.

The third game was played against Åbo B-ajs and HC Ässät. The game was thrilling and we got to see some amazing jamming from both teams, but Åbo B-ajs kept it cool and took the win with the scores 118-220.

The last game of the day was Al-pakka against HC Ässät. For many of the Al-pakka players the fatigue caused by the excitement and stress was a new experience that many had to fight to get through. The game stayed even in the first half, with a few lead changes. Al-pakka managed to stay on top and make some lead towards the end.

Kevin Pollard

Picture: Kevin Pollard

Overall Al-pakka blockers managed to slow down the opposite agile jammers enough, and keep the pace and their heads calm, not to forget the strong and relentless Al-Pakka jammers which led to a win over HC Ässät. The team spirit was amazing, and the final score was 153-241 for Al-Pakkas.

Kevin Pollard

Picture: Kevin Pollard

After loosing one and winning one game, it was easy to smile and feel good to be in Al-pakka. Everybody knew that they had given their all that day. Al-pakka’s strength lies in it’s individuals, and we take pride in being kind and in good sportsmanship and this attitude was present during the game.

We would also like to thank Fenzi for stepping in as our coach when we needed one and also Uhmis for being there, and helping us face our first opponents in the year 2018 with good energy and game play.
We would also like to thank EVERYONE who participated in making the Best Hits 2018 happen, thank you!
The final scores:

284-106 for Åbo B-ajs

118-220 for Åbo

241-153 for HRD

Text: Ella Berglund

Pictures: Marko Niemelä, Kevin Pollard

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