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Finnish Roller Derby Championship series tournament III and 1. Division tournament V

The 7th season of Finnish Roller Derby Championship series and 1. Division continues on Saturday 16th of March, 2019 at Pasila Sports Hall! Helsinki Roller Derby’s Queen B’s takes on Oulu Roller Derby and Kallio Rolling Rainbow and Tampere Roller Derby will face each other. The last game will be a match between Helsinki Roller Derby C-Casette and Porvoo Roller Derby (1. division game). Ticket info: Normal ticket 10€ Pensioners …Read More

AL-pakka and Best Hits

Al-pakka was founded in 2017 to be a team thats main goal was not in competing and that would be open to skaters in all levels. Al-pakka has many roles: it is the start for many skaters, but it is also a new beginning or a waypoint for returning or new recruited skaters. Al-pakka has scrimmaged against Turku’s Åbo Dirty River Roller Derby’s beginners last summer, and also faced against …Read More

London Rollergirls comes to Helsinki with three teams!

Helsinki Roller Derby will have much anticipated guests from UK, when the London Rollergirls’ arrive with three teams to play against HRD’s A-, B- and C-teams. The triple header will be held at the Pasilan Urheiluhalli on 12th of May (Saturday) between 13.30-21.00. Schedule: 13:00 Doors open 14:00-15:45 Helsinki Queen B’s vs. London Brawl Saints 16:15-18:00 Helsinki C-Cassette vs. London Batter C Power 18:30-20:00 Helsinki All-Stars vs. London Brawling During …Read More

All-Stars’ trip to Roller Derby Euro Cup ’18

Arriving to Manchester on Thursday morning we were greeted with sunny, mild weather, and when entering the city it was abundantly clear it is going through a period of growth. The construction sites and cranes littered the city skyline, and it’s citizens were even boasting of all the new talent moving in from neighboring cities. The message was clear: Manchester is growing and is the next big thing. Much of …Read More

2017, over and out!

Almost needless to say this but we will say it anyway: how glorious was it to have one of the 2017 WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Europe this year?! How amazingly did Crime City host it?! And what breathtaking audience and officials’ crews had we there?! And THOSE GAMES! We still have arrhythmia from the London versus Rainy City game. For the first time, Helsinki Roller Derby and other European …Read More

Queen B’s won Paris B-team, Les Quedalles

Queen B’s played against Paris B-team (Les Quedalles, PRG) on Saturday (29th of April). The Bees were happy to play a rare home game in Pasila! This was the first game with the Q2/2017 roster, and the first game in roughly one year for the returning jammer Varpu #88. It was nice that we could present the best of our roster due to the home advantage -too bad that our only …Read More

All-Stars on the rise in the Anarchy tournament

During Easter weekend European derby fanatics were not looking for Easter eggs, but following Twitter, as it was time for the 6th annual Anarchy in the UK tournament. The five teams playing were “Europe’s finest”: all Division 1 teams, top 5 in Europe. These games were important for all the teams because of the ranking points needed to get to the Div 1 play-offs in the fall, and of course settling the …Read More

SUOMI CUP V – HRD Queen B’s turn it around, win game against DRRG A team

Suomi Cup V tournament was held this year in Pasila Sports Hall, and the Helsinki Roller Derby Queen B’s trained hard in preparation for the game, inspired by their own inside joke of “Next year, damn it!” in reaction to the challenging games of the past few Suomi Cups. Determined to win, they took to the track the fans screaming back “Today, damn it!” Challenged by the talented and hardworking …Read More

“We didn’t come this far to only come this far” – Game report from the European Smackdown

The 2-day European Smackdown-tournament was held in Malmö, Sweden, on the first weekend of March. The tournament included six teams from WFTDA’s division 1 – our own All Stars, the London Rollergirls (Brawling), Detroit Derby Girls, Crime City Rollers, Glasgow Roller Derby and Stockholm Roller Derby Allstars. Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars vs Glasgow Roller Derby Irn Bruisers 485 – 73 The All Stars started their tournament with a strong game …Read More

C-kasetti road trips to Joensuu

Helsinki Roller Derby’s C-team, C-kasetti (=c-cassette), decided to hit the road to play their 4th game of the year. This time to opponent would be the red and black team of Eastern Finland – Joensuu Rolling Rogues, A-team of the Joensuu Roller Derby. Being victorious in two of the last three games and finding a good mix of players in some returning skaters, solid C-teamers and still fresh rookies, Kasetti travelled the …Read More

European derby history in London

Piece of roller derby history was written in 11th of July 2015 in in the tropically warm Crystal Palace National Sports Center when London Roller Girls Brawling faced Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars. This was the first ever sanctioned game between two European division one teams. Helsinki started their game with a heavy series of jammer penalties, allowing London to take a solid 60 points differential right in the beginning of …Read More

Best Hits Vol. II -four games that notably shortened your nails

The air crisp and clean from the spring rains, the sports hall fills. The excitement in the air is palpable–almost thick enough to cut through. Teams from all over Finland gather for the Best Hits II event, a closed tournament for the C and B division teams. The mood is strong and positive–rightfully so, as the day’s progression would show what the girls of HRD’s C-cassette, KRR’s Piritorin Ässät, Tampere’s …Read More

The color of Easter was GREEN

This year our Easter was more about derby than eggs. Local derbyphiles got a welcomed break from all the chocolate munching when Dirty River Roller Grrrls (Turku, Finland) and Dublin Roller Derby visited us in Pasila for a double header game. For our All-Stars it was an important prep game before their WTF-tour to America, and for our C-cassettes it was a historical, first ever public game. And boy, did …Read More

European Top Derby in Pack to the Future

Well, it was that time of the year again. That annual, magnificent event where Helsinki Roller Derby and Stockholm Roller Derby (and their B-teams) clash in a double header.  All-Stars Were All Stars First up, it was the A-teams. This wasn’t only the highly anticipated season starter for HRD’s All Stars, it was also a game where two European top teams (in WFTDAs rankings, Stockholm is currently 2nd and Helsinki 4th …Read More