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Fresh rosters for year 2016

New year, new rosters! The team selection committee has spoken, and we saw quite a lot of changes in the rosters. Read what the team coaches and captains had to say about these changes! In HRD we select the rosters for our travel teams (All-Stars and Queen B’s) usually four times each year: in January, April, July and October. The decisions are made by a team selection committee, which consists of …Read More

Opening Game of the Finnish Nationals: HRD vs TRD

We waited for the opening game of the Finnish National Cup for 2015 with nervous excitement. As a league we had decided that the coaches of our B team would pick the roster for the National Cup games, which means the rosters would be based on the people training with the B team. We hoped it would give the B team a goal to carry them through the year. We …Read More

Two New Head-NSOs Elected -to Inspire and Instruct

There’s no better way of learning derby than playing derby, and the best practice to a real game is to make the scrimmage situation as similar to a bout as possible: key factors in this effort are the proper officials. Poor officiating in the practices will lead to frustrating and futile penalties and lack of experience in the game day. Good officials are needed in the games, and practice makes …Read More

Third Game of the Finnish Nationals 2014

The third game of the Finnish Nationals was hosted by Kallio Rolling Rainbow and played in Pasila Sportshall on the 22nd of March. The first game of the day was Helsinki Roller Derby versus Tampere Roller Derby. TRD was placed fourth in last year’s Nationals so the game was expected to be fairly close. This was also the first time Anna Miettinen was Bench Coaching the turtle team in Finnish …Read More

Helsinki Roller Derby is now seriously warmed up after our home bout tournament!

Pasila Sports Halls roller derby season 2014 was properly kicked off for with Helsinki Roller Derby’s home team tournament Rollin’ with my homies which was played last Saturday, the 22. of February. In order to let all three home teams fight for a place in the final bout, a Finnish guest team was invited to join the tournament. This time backing us up was Jyväskylä Roller Derby’s Rolling Ragdolls. Three …Read More

I Got Stripes! An interview with Cherry Fury

By InDeepEndEd-Referee of HRD  Well I’ve been reading a lot of great stories from our website. Written by our players, from great trips around the world. I have been with them a few times, even a week trip to Tenerife, and they truly were amazing times. But we never had a ref point of view on the website. Dunno why, I guess no one just never thought about it. So, …Read More

Tampere’s first bout brought to you by Queen B’s

Helsinki Roller Derby’s socend travel team Queen B’s travelled to Pirkkala to finnish off their succesful and victory splattered bout season, where Tampere Rollin’ Hos held their first official bout ever! The event called ”Block the Sun” was held just outside Tampere, at Pirkkalan liikuntatalo on 20th of May, but the audience found their way in pretty well nonetheless to witness TRH dawn their red jerseys in their first official …Read More

Overboard is my boyfriend

Our sponsor, a Finnish skateboard shop Overboard has over topped itself. Not only does Helsinki Roller Derby get very generous discounts, but now Overboard presented us with brand new helmets, totally free of charge. And yes, they came in the lovely HRD color, green. Page Disaster looks like a leprechaun with her red hair and green gear! Whatever is your sport, roller derby, roller blading, skate boarding, Overboard has the …Read More

HRD trainer Tigre Force coaching Barcelona Roller Derby

This whole idea originally started when I wanted to visit a Finnish friend that works in Barcelona, Spain. Immediately after buying my flights I started to google Barcelona Roller Derby. I didn’t find a league but kept on searching for one. Luckily, one day I noticed that a Facebook group had been made for BRD. I contacted them and asked to attend their practices while I would be visiting Barcelona. …Read More

Dragon Tag

Here the HRD skaters participate in some fun during the Fun Hour with R’nR on the Jan. 30, 2011. This is a variation of the game Tag. As the skaters get tagged they create two moving dragon trains that creates hiding places for the remaining skaters. The last remaining skater is the winner.

Holiday scrimmage for friends & family 17.12.2010

Helsinki Roller Derby welcomes friends & family to watch a holiday scrimmage at Pasilan Urheiluhalli (Radiokatu 22, Helsinki) on Friday 17.12.2010 at 20.30-21.30. In the winter holiday spirit, we will have the TORTUT vs PIPARIT. Doors open at 20.15 and the Pasila cafe will be open for refreshments during the event. Come out and support HRD and purchase some merchandise for your loved ones! Entrance is free. Tervetuloa seuraamaan Pasilan …Read More

Los Angeles & Las Vegas – RollerCon 2010

I (Tigre Force) had decided to spend my summer holiday in RollerCon. I got Ice-S StoneArm with me and we decided to visit LA on our way. A good call I would say! I got in contact with Razorslut/ LA Derby Dolls and we set a date for some freshmeat practice on banked track. Skating on a banked track with the LA Derby Dolls – wicked! We found the LA …Read More

What A Bout! 15.10.2010

Final score: HRD 92 – STRD 86 HRD just had the honour of hosting the first official roller derby bout in Finland. And who else could we invite to this event than our dear neighbours, Stockholm Roller Derby! The first time the STRD girls visited us was about 6 months ago. At that time, we trained together and now both teams have gotten to the point where we both were …Read More