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Finnish Nationals

Finnish Roller Derby Championship series tournament III and 1. Division tournament V

The 7th season of Finnish Roller Derby Championship series and 1. Division continues on Saturday 16th of March, 2019 at Pasila Sports Hall! Helsinki Roller Derby’s Queen B’s takes on Oulu Roller Derby and Kallio Rolling Rainbow and Tampere Roller Derby will face each other. The last game will be a match between Helsinki Roller Derby C-Casette and Porvoo Roller Derby (1. division game). Ticket info: Normal ticket 10€ Pensioners …Read More

Roller Derby Finnish Championship will be solved this week

The Finnish Roller Derby championship is solved on 7th of July in Vantaa! Address: Trio Areena, Läntinen Valkoisenlähteentie 52-54, 01300 Vantaa. Schedule 9.30 Doors open 10.00 – 11.30 Oulu Roller Derby – Kallio Rolling Rainbow B-team 12.00 – 13.30 Tampere Roller Derby – Helsinki Roller Derby Queen B’s 13.30 – 14.30 Open skate 15.00 – 16.30 Final game 17.10 – 18.40 Match for the third place Yle TV2 will show the final game at 19.35 …Read More

Suomi Cup Finals: Silver for the Queen B’s

The championship tournament of the Finnish Nationals (Suomi Cup) was played in Tampere last Saturday. The HRD Queen B’s and Kallio Rolling Rainbow battled for the gold in a game that had the audience at the edge of their seats. The semi-finals have been played by the same four teams throughout the four-year history of Suomi Cup: based on their achievements in the Suomi Cup games leading up to the …Read More

SUOMI CUP VI – Queen B’s against Oulu at their last Nationals Cup game before the Finals

The sixth Finnish Nationals Cup -tournament was held on last Saturday in Oulu. Helsinki Roller Derby Queen B’s headed north with excitement and confidence. Oulu plays at the Cup for their first season. Last time Bees played against Oulu was about a year ago at a scrimmage. It was pure joy after the game. Queen B’s agreed together that the game was mostly fun to play. Oulu is a good opponent …Read More

Fifth Suomi Cup tournament in Helsinki 27th of August

Welcome to Pasila on the 27th of August! In the fifth Suomi Cup tournament of this year we will see two rough and tough games: first our very own Queen B’s will meet the Dirty River Roller Grrrls from Turku, after which the Kallio Rolling Rainbow will challenge the leader of the league table, Tampere Roller Derby. These four teams were seen in the finals last year, so we are expecting to see …Read More

Queen B’s took a firm victory over Kouvola in Finnish Nationals

Last weekend Queen B’s played in the fourth Suomi Cup tournament in Turku. Our Bees had to travel across the wind, rain and snow to face the “pink concrete”, Kouvola Rock’n’Rollers. Due to the small venue, there was only 5 people from the other Suomi Cup teams in the audience, and the atmosphere was thus quite eerie and quiet, especially compared to last weekends game in Stuttgart. Queen B’s started …Read More

Queen B kept their cool and took the victory over KRR

This Saturday we saw again classical intense Helsinki vs Helsinki game at Pasila Sport Hall, when HRD Queen B’s met Kallio Rolling Rainbow B-team (Kinapori Fistfunkers) in the second Suomi Cup (=Finnish Nationals) tournament. Our Bees are playing second season in highest national level, and this time KRR brought their equivalent team to the game. The teams were well matched, and it was nice to witness this even Suomi Cup …Read More

Queen B’s needs a bit of tuning -Oulu debuted strongly in the opening tournament of Suomi Cup 2016

HRD Queen B’s started their second season in the Finnish Nationals Cup on Saturday in Oulu, against Tampere Roller Derby. The team had seen some severe changes in the roster (read more here), and spend the last month or so building up the new blocker lines. Three out of the eight blockers sent to Oulu didn’t play in the Finals, and for two of them this was the first game at …Read More

Next year, goddamnit!

Roller Derby Suomi Cup 2015 came to an end yesterday. Fighting for the gold were Helsinki Roller Derby, Kallio Rolling Rainbow, Dirty River Roller Grrrls from Turku and Tampere Roller Derby. Players were left with sore muscles and fans with tired vocal chords after the four excruciatingly exciting games of top-level derby. By 9 PM the final rankings were done: gold went to Kallio, silver was snatched by Turku and …Read More

HRD was in rare form on Saturday 12 Sept at Suomi Cup VII

As the newest addition to the HRD Queen Bees’ coaching crew, it was a pleasure to support HRD as they took on the Kouvola Rock ‘n Rollers in the Unicornado tournament in Tampere. Yaffa escaping the pack with lead (Photo by Ville Päivätie) The game started with a slow climb in points, with lead changing evenly between the two teams for the first 4 jams, after which HRD took control …Read More

HRD Queen B’s Take on KRR A-team Vantaan Skinit, Play with Heart!

Saturday, May 30th, Kallio Rolling Rainbow hosted the Roller Derby Suomi Cup V tournament. The tournament consisted of two matches, with Helsinki Roller Derby Queen B’s facing Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s A Travel Team, Vantaan Skinit.  The game was predictably intense! White-knuckled fans of the incredible Queen B’s watched as they played their heart out, with commendable team work! HRD’s Queen B’s displayed solid blocks and walls, while never giving up …Read More

Brushed up Lahti made B’s to fight for their victory

On Saturday 16th of May the fourth Finnish National Cup -tournament took place in Pasila. In the first game Tampere Roller Derby met Kouvola Rock’n’Rollers, and in the second game of the day the hometeam, HRD’s Queen B’s faced the Bay City Rollers from Lahti. Both games were said to be boringly presumable, and even though the final scores justified this speculation, the under dogs did not let their opponents take …Read More

Opening Game of the Finnish Nationals: HRD vs TRD

We waited for the opening game of the Finnish National Cup for 2015 with nervous excitement. As a league we had decided that the coaches of our B team would pick the roster for the National Cup games, which means the rosters would be based on the people training with the B team. We hoped it would give the B team a goal to carry them through the year. We …Read More

We are the champions!

Oh wow. It has been an amazing year for us, and a busy one too: as you might have noticed, we haven’t had the time to write about the Finnish Nationals, and that was a month ago! All our teams have been extremely busy, A-team playing in WET, B-team in Cologne and C-team having games all over the country! Not to mention the several HRD players representing their country in …Read More

Seventh Tournament of Roller Derby Suomi Cup 2014

On Saturday the 18th of October the seventh tournament of Suomi Cup was held at Kuusaa. Lahti Roller Derby challenged Dirty River Roller Grrrls – Turku Roller Derby while the host league Kouvola Rock n Rollers battled it out with Helsinki Roller Derby. This tournament will be remembered for jammer penalties since every team got to taste the bitterness of power jams several times. First Dirty River Roller Grrrls played …Read More