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Home is where your skate

During last summer we moved our training space to the fifth floor of Bunkkeri in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. We build our own place there. In the fifth floor we now have two tracks, and a home. We cleaned up and made the space suitable for our use, just like anyone fixing their new home would do. We are cleaning Bunkkeri daily, like we clean our homes. Our crib now looks like someone moving …Read More

WTF 2015: It has come to this.

2015. Now that’s a number I’m sure will be branded in our All-Stars’ minds for good. This year has been over the top for us. It has brought us great things and it just keeps on bringing them. As I’m writing this we are 1 sleep away from the awaited June 30th rankings. Twitter, Facebook, Flat Track Stats(for stats) and rankings calculator are the tabs on my computer that have …Read More

Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars outshine the sun with their defensive play

On Saturday the 17th of May 2014 Helsinki Roller Derby had a pleasant visitor from the west when Crime City Rollers from Malmö arrived at Pasila Sports Hall with two of their teams. Both HRD’s and CCR’s A- and B-teams played in the Partners in Crime -bout, this time the A-teams played first and the B-teams second. From the beginning of the game until the very last seconds Helsinki Roller Derby …Read More

Kamikaze Kitten bootcamp

On Saturday 15th of March Helsinki Roller Derby had honour to have the amazing Kamikaze Kitten from London Rollergirls to teach us a lot of new tricks and skills. The bootcamp was full of eager participants ready to learn and absorb everything. With Kami’s guidance they spent the day jumping, hopping, hitting, juking, staying strong, taking notes, laughing, having fun and doing awesome teamwork.     The day was long …Read More

Finland vs. Sweden

This year will see the World Cup tournaments of both women’s roller derby (December 4th to December 7th in Dallas, TX, USA) and men’s roller derby – or merby – (March 14th to March 16th in Birmingham, UK). In anticipation of this an exciting doubleheader bout between Finland and Sweden was played on the 1st of March 2014. The women played first at 4PM followed by the men at 6:30PM. …Read More

Open skate and new freshmeat course!

Helsinki Roller Derby is organizing an open skate event for everyone who’s interested in roller derby on Saturday 11th of January 2014. Come to try out quad skates and gear and chat with experienced skaters. Gearcheck is also present so you can buy your skating stuffs right there! Time : January 11th 2014, 17-19.30 Spot : Tapanilan Urheilukeskus (Erätie 3, 00730 Hki) Helsinki Roller Derby is also starting up a new freshmeat period for 20 skaters (who …Read More


This HRD’s All-Star Ninja Turtles player was awarded as a most valuable blocker in Finnish National Cup Finals. She loves to do burpees and is always having fun on the track. She is known of her jokes and eager nature. Her derby name can be translated into rage or fury. She is Raivo! This woman is rehearsing with the Team Finland training squad at the moment, too. Outside the track …Read More

HRD hosts the National Finals in Pasila 2/11/2013

Helsinki Roller Derby has the honor of hosting the Final Tournament of Finnish Nationals, which brings together the top 4 leagues of the first Suomi Cup, held during the year 2013. The bout, also known as Skurul Böölee, Stadist blosaa! is held at the usual location, our beloved Pasila Sportshall.Tickets can be bought from Tiketti, 10€, or from the door, 15€ (cash only!). Schedule commences as follows… 12:15 Doors open …Read More

Helsinki Roller Derby against Stockholm Roller Derby

Last Sunday Helsinki Roller Derby’s All-Star Ninja Turtles played against Stockholm Roller Derby’s Allstars team in a closed WFTDA sanctioned bout. A long derby weekend in Helsinki and playing against Kallio Rolling Rainbow in a Blocking Åmål bout on Saturday didn’t slow STRD down at all. The game was extremely physical and hard hits were delivered by both teams. Stockholm managed to rotate Helsinki’s jammers behind the pack. At half …Read More

Skate Odyssey, HRD against Tiger Bay

Skate Odyssey, 10.-12.5.2013, Gent Turtles enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday ’cause the next bout against Tiger Bay from Wales was not until afternoon. Both teams had seen each other playing a few bouts on Friday but hadn’t actually played against them before. It was well known that Tiger Bay had physical and tactical skaters and a strong team. Winning team was going to the finals, so we were very excited …Read More

Nysse o Manses, Suomi Cup 2013

Helsinki Roller Derby vs. Kouvola Rock ‘n Rollers Vihdoinkin, parin kesäisen kuukauden jälkeen jatkui roller derbyn Suomi Cup 2013! Suomi Cupin runkosarjan viimeisen karsintaturnauksen ennen finaalia emännöi Tampereen upeat Rollin hout. Tapahtumapaikkana oli  Tampere Areena, jonne HRD karautti Helsingistä omalla privaattinyssellä. Klo 14 radalla kohtasivat Kouvola Rock N Rollers ja Helsinki Roller Derby. Ennen peliä HRD oli sarjataulukossa toisena ja Kouvola sijalla kuusi. Pysyäkseen ensi vuonnakin Suomi cupissa Kouvolan tuli …Read More

Helsinki Roller Derby has a new friend!

We are happy to do some good together with Nicehearts Vantaa. Three of our skaters kicked off  a summer camp day with a two hour roller derby introduction. A wonderful group of girls aged 10-13 joined in for some off skates derby fun. HRD is very happy to be part of the amazing work that Nicehearts does for girls and women. We want to help them in providing a wider …Read More

Heroes in a half shell finally win out Stockholm

Skate Odyssey, 10.-12.5.2013, Gent When Stockholm and All-Star Ninja Turtles met last time in Helsinki, Stockholm won only by a couple of ten points. Everyone was surprised: the Turtles had come a long way. However, it was not a surprise that the bout in Gent was important for both teams. Stockholm wanted to keep and continue their winning streak, the Turtles wanted to show their hard work they had done …Read More

Up and about once again – All-Star Ninja Turtles travelled to Copenhagen for the first away-bout of the year

The Turtles on their introduction laps. Photo: Marko Niemelä Despite being so close to each other on the roller derby map, 23rd of February, 2013, was the first time when Helsinki Roller Derby actually played against Copenhagen Roller Derby in “Beat my Valentine”-bout. Helsinki has been performing better and better throughout the year 2012 – finishing 5th in the 1st European WFTDA-tournament in Berlin – while Copenhagen is known for …Read More