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We went, we saw, we rollerskated!

We’re going to WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in A Coruña!

The top teams in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) are rolling into A Coruña, Spain for the 2018 International WFTDA Playoffs at the Ciudad de Deportiva de Riazor – Palacio de los Desportes, August 31st through September 2nd. We are glad our Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars made it to this tournament! Hosted by As Brigantias Roller Derby, this event brings 12 of the best teams in the world …Read More

All-Stars’ trip to Roller Derby Euro Cup ’18

Arriving to Manchester on Thursday morning we were greeted with sunny, mild weather, and when entering the city it was abundantly clear it is going through a period of growth. The construction sites and cranes littered the city skyline, and it’s citizens were even boasting of all the new talent moving in from neighboring cities. The message was clear: Manchester is growing and is the next big thing. Much of …Read More

2017, over and out!

Almost needless to say this but we will say it anyway: how glorious was it to have one of the 2017 WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Europe this year?! How amazingly did Crime City host it?! And what breathtaking audience and officials’ crews had we there?! And THOSE GAMES! We still have arrhythmia from the London versus Rainy City game. For the first time, Helsinki Roller Derby and other European …Read More

All-Stars winning in the Big O 2017

All-Stars played four games in the Big O tournament in Eugene, Oregon in May 5th-7th, and won every single one of them. They belong to the top, that’s for sure! All-Stars wrote a recap and shout outs of the games. Day 1. Game against Windy City We left to our first game against Windy City feeling confident and happy since the rankings had been released the previous week and we …Read More

All-Stars on the rise in the Anarchy tournament

During Easter weekend European derby fanatics were not looking for Easter eggs, but following Twitter, as it was time for the 6th annual Anarchy in the UK tournament. The five teams playing were “Europe’s finest”: all Division 1 teams, top 5 in Europe. These games were important for all the teams because of the ranking points needed to get to the Div 1 play-offs in the fall, and of course settling the …Read More

Busy weekend: C-cassette and AL-pakka nailed it at Joensuu, Queen B’s played a real nail biter in Gothenburg

It sure was one busy weekend! Oh, and we’ve got big news: we have a new team, called AL-pakkas! Our 2 years time in Bunkkeri allowed us to raise a whole new generation of players, and this meant that we could develop our C-team into a more competitive crew, and build a new recreational team for the whole league. Both the new, shiny and more competitive C-cassette, and brand-new AL-pakka …Read More

Queen B’s fun-filled 5 year anniversary at Tenerife: rematch against their first ever opponent

Due to the changing of the Finnish Nationals seasons’ schedule, Queen B’s are at the moment “between seasons”. This means that it’s a good time to learn new strategies,  integrate new players to the team, travel and meet new friends! In the beginning of February, Bees travelled to Tenerife to honour the anniversary of a game played exactly five years ago: Tenerife Roller Derby against Helsinki Roller Derby B-team.  Five years …Read More

C-cassette’s Week of Win

After an autumn of change and hard training, C-cassette was ready for the high point of late 2016: a three game week in late November and early December. The romp started with a trip to Norway – the very competitive Nidaros Roller Derby B in Trondheim was a great way to measure the current form of the cassettes. A roster of twelve left for Norway, and with HRD star Linda, …Read More

The Queen B’s victorious in Hamburg tournament

The KickAss Cup, played in Hamburg, Germany, brought together the Helsinki Roller Derby Queen B’s, the Antwerp Roller Derby One Love Roller Dolls (A), the Harbor Girls Hamburg (A) and the Amsterdam Roller Derby All Stars. The Bees won all three of their games convincingly and were crowned victors of the weekend. The Queen B’s first opponent was Antwerpen. Points were hard-won in the beginning, but the B’s found their …Read More

SUOMI CUP VI – Queen B’s against Oulu at their last Nationals Cup game before the Finals

The sixth Finnish Nationals Cup -tournament was held on last Saturday in Oulu. Helsinki Roller Derby Queen B’s headed north with excitement and confidence. Oulu plays at the Cup for their first season. Last time Bees played against Oulu was about a year ago at a scrimmage. It was pure joy after the game. Queen B’s agreed together that the game was mostly fun to play. Oulu is a good opponent …Read More

Post playoffs blues

Our All-Stars came back from their playoffs tournament from Madison. They played four tough games, winning two of them and losing two, placing 6th in their group: the same seeding they came to the tournament with. (Check the game scores here!) Now it is their time to rest and focus on their off-season activities. The tournament in Madison was their number one goal this year, for which they worked vigorously, …Read More

WFTDA Playoffs Madison Day 2 / Game two

After napping, snacking and spending some down time without pants on we returned to the tournament venue to get ready for the last game of the day. Our opponent was the legen-DAIRY Mad Rollin’ Dolls from the host town. The Alliant Energy Center was packed with local fans wearing blue and white and ringing cow bells throughout the game to show support for their travel team. Our team felt calm …Read More

WFTDA Playoffs Madison Day 1 – Friday

Day started with a really early morning, not blaming the jetlag though, more likely the exciment of the tournament. Cause there was time before track testing, we went early snack shopping to Walmart Supercenter. So many choises of cereals! Venue and the track is good (track is fast as mf). Host is excelent. Crews are professional. Our runner has led light lasso and she is awesome. Starting the tournament as …Read More