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Photo by Miika Karttunen

Photo by Miika Karttunen

This HRD’s All-Star Ninja Turtles player was awarded as a most valuable blocker in Finnish National Cup Finals. She loves to do burpees and is always having fun on the track. She is known of her jokes and eager nature. Her derby name can be translated into rage or fury. She is Raivo! This woman is rehearsing with the Team Finland training squad at the moment, too. Outside the track Raivo works as the head of HRD’s training department.

Raivo started playing roller derby after the birth of her second child. The sport was introduced to her by a friend. Her husband figured out her derby name when Raivo asked him to describe her in one word. Now Raivo has been skating for two years and derby is a really huge part of her life – she even dreams of it. Raivo says she has changed from a couch potato to the jogger that doesn’t care about the weather, after she got interested with this sport. Her derby idol is Shaolynn Scarlett from London.

Raivo likes roller derby because it’s a physical team sport and includes lots of strategy. What she does not always like is travelling, because it takes lots of time and money. Reckless woman isn’t afraid of getting hurt on the track, even though she got a quite bad concussion and a black and sore eye in the Finnish National Cup game. After the accident it took several months to be able to skate without a headache. Now Raivo wears a hockey helmet with a visor.

In the future Raivo aims to the final roster of Team Finland next year. She also wants to keep on playing with the All-Star Ninja Turtles. She reveals she has a weakness for mixed teams and would like to play more with men. Raivo wishes that Finnish roller derby keeps on developing fast and that we could have some junior derby in Finland soon.

On the track Raivo is furious, powerful and stable. She is focused, adaptable and action-packed contact sport fits her very well. -Linda

– Salla Karjalainen

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