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There are many ways to join Helsinki Roller Derby. To become a skater you must complete HRD’s Freshmeat Training Program (FTP). Helsinki Roller Derby holds FTP a few times each year. Usually one at the end of the year and one in the spring. FTP lasts approximately 2,5 months and in that time you learn all the basic skills that you need to lay the foundation of your roller derby career. The timing of our FTPs varies so to find out when our next one is being planned send us an e-mail to freshmeat [at] helsinkirollerderby.com or keep your eyes glued to our Facebook -page and website.

You can find out more about our latest FTP on Freshmeat -page and check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also join HRD as an offical. Check out the FAQ questions about officiating!

And if you don’t want to skate you can help us as a volunteer. If you are interested, send an e-mail to info@helsinkirollerderby.com telling us about yourself and we’ll find something for you to do!

We also hold Open Skates so keep your eyes on our Facebook -page for upcoming events if you want to try out skating with quad skates.


Photo: Marko Niemelä/Shutterpunk


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