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Transferring to Helsinki Roller Derby

Contact info

To become a member contact: hrd.roster@gmail.com
For more information about practises and teams contact: trainer@helsinkirollerderby.com
Officials: officials@helsinkirollerderby.com

General info

Practise times
Wednesday & Friday 19:00-22:00 @ Viikin monitoimitalo
Saturday 14:00-16:00 @ Vuosaaren urheilutalo
Sunday 12:00-15:00 @ Vuosaaren urheilutalo

Membership payments, paid quarterly
Skaters 40€/month
Referees and coaches 10€/month
Volunteers and NSOs 30€/calendar year

In addition skaters are required to have Finnish Skating Association’s roller derby license (23€ for season 2017-2018).

Transferring skaters

Helsinki Roller Derby welcomes new skaters with warm hugs! All our skaters start from AL-Pakka. AL-Pakka is HRD’s active recreational team and it serves also as a development team for skaters who aim to travel teams.

Helsinki has three travel teams, All-Stars, Queen B’s and C-Cassette, competing on different levels. Once in every three months the team selection committee will appraise the travel teams and designate skaters accordingly.

Transferring coaches

Helsinki Roller Derby loves to have new coaches! Helsinki has Coaching Department that plans and develops coaching and offers support and community for our coaches.

Helsinki Roller Derby’s teams select their coaches by voting. Helsinki has four teams that play and compete in different levels. Travel teams All-Stars, Queen B’s and C-Cassette and recreational team AL-Pakka.

In addition we have juniors and Beginners’ course which are happy to welcome new coaches at all times.


We in Helsinki Roller Derby adore our officials! We welcome all kinds of officials on and offskates, experienced and beginners and everyone in between to our Sunday scrimmages. Our officials’ community offers guidance, organizes monthly workshops, provides an info channel for news in officiating roller derby and serves as a place for rules and roller derby discussion.

Helsinki Roller Derby supports its officials to travel around the country and the globe to officiate.

Welcome to Helsinki Roller Derby!

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