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All-Stars wrapped up the spring season at Kallio FINvitational -tournament

All-stars wrapped up their spring season at Kallio FINvitational -tournament hosted by Kallio Rolling Rainbow. What a high-level derby weekend it was!

All-stars have had three tournaments (12 games, 10 unique opponents, two continents) in two months. That’s really intense – especially when you’ve just lost your practice venue and can only train together a couple of times between the tournaments. At Kallio FINvitational All-stars met Stockholm Roller Derby, Sun State Roller Girls and Rainy City Roller Derby.

HRD All-Stars – Stockholm

Our last tournament for the Spring, the ‘Kallio FINvitational’ started with a friendly rematch against one of our oldest roller derby opponents Stockholm Roller Derby. We had last played against them a month before at the ‘Anarchy in the UK IV’ so we knew to expect a tough and tight game. Stockholm had regained their full roster for the game and they were able to start the game off strong, leading almost the whole first half. We started our game slowly but made a statement with a 34-0 jam minutes before the first period ended, and managed to gain the halftime score to our favor. But only with three points (110-107) so for the next 30 minutes we knew that we had to play our best because it was anybody’s game. Stockholm kept us on our toes but the game ended 208-189 to our favor.


HRD All-Stars – Sun State

We were very excited to play another new team this season: Sun State! We knew that they were going to challenge us with full force seeing their previous games against Kallio, Crime and Rainy. Those Australians had some solid walls, fierce offence and strong and agile jammers! Especially their powerful and successful jam start offence made us a little bit nervous at some points! Luckily our walls held tight and during the scoring passes they were not able to score too many points. Our tight defense and spot on offence as well as strong and experienced jammers helped us to stretch the final score to 353 – 91 on our favor! We want to give shout outs to the whole team generally! We are lucky to have visitors coming so far away to play us and other European teams!


HRD All-Stars – Rainy City

The last game of the day and the tournament was Rainy City. We played them already once on this season in Anarchy in the UK, and that time we were better. Yet again we were not expecting an easy game this time either. Coming as an underdogs, they surely were even more hungry for the win.

At very first second it was clear that they had trained a lot more. It was not the same Rainy City we played in Anarchy. Their gameplay was stronger, wiser and more determined. Their slow defence and quick recycling gave hard times to our jammers. Rainy City was leading the whole first half, and we were going to half time about 20 points behind.

But we didn’t give up. We knew this could still be our game. We were able to get our game play back together, and we were catching them in points. To the last jam we went with 9 points lead. Rainy City got the lead, while we were stuck in the pack… with scoring 10 points, Rainy city won this nail biter with one point. Final score 172-173. Losing sucks, but these tight games are derby at its best!


All the work is done for now and we welcome the mid-season break to come. Also June 30th will come and we will see our highest average ranking points ever (!!!).

Thank you to all our opponents this season! You all helped us to have fun and to get a little better at this crazy sport of ours.

The final scores at Kallio FINvitational:


All photos by Marko Niemelä Photography

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