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C-cassette’s Week of Win

After an autumn of change and hard training, C-cassette was ready for the high point of late 2016: a three game week in late November and early December. The romp started with a trip to Norway – the very competitive Nidaros Roller Derby B in Trondheim was a great way to measure the current form of the cassettes.

A roster of twelve left for Norway, and with HRD star Linda, currently living in Stockholm, as an addition to the bench team everyone was in high spirits on arrival even though the weather kept Trondheim from showing its best side. The venue was great, disco balls guaranteed a good atmosphere and the hosts were on their a game caring for their guests. The surprise slipperiness of the floor caused a bit of last-minute headache, but Tytti, the last to leave Helsinki, saved the day by bringing 36 spare wheels in her suitcase.

The game started well for C-cassette – Nidaros were taken by surprise as the cassettes snatched one lead after another thanks to an effective three-jammer rotation and stable walls. Nidaros was a tough and, above all, technically skilled opponent, but hustle and determination brought C-cassette to a comfortable lead of over a hundred points at halftime.

For the second half a resolute Nidaros rallied together, and points-wise the game was a lot more even. The cassettes were also plagued by penalties, which muddled up their game towards the end. Despite this C-cassette played together as a team on the home stretch, and the game ended at 134–247.

We want to thank Nidaros for a wonderful event, we had so much fun! And the after party is worth a special mention!

As soon as the cassettes arrived home it was time to prepare for the Best Hits tournament, arranged by Kallio Rolling Rainbow. C-cassette participated with a tournament roster of twenty players, KRR sent Piritorin ässät and untested opponents Roll-On Derby came all the way from Rovaniemi. Each team was to play two full-length games, and the most successful would bring home the coveted cassette trophy.

The first game of the tournament brought together Kallio and Rovaniemi, and the second was between the cassettes and a well warmed-up KRR. This game saw the Nidaros roster with some reinforcements on the track since our beloved neighbours were expected to play hard as well as skilfully, like you do with frenemies. As expected, the game meant hard work for the defence and a fine-tuned battle for leads from the beginning, and it was immediately obvious that every point had to be fought for until the end. However, thanks to very skilful jamming and tough defence, the valiant cassettes were victorious with a final score of 279–47. It was also a pleasure to note that the penalty trouble of the last game was but a memory.

The game against Roll-On Derby was on after a short break, and now players outside the roster of the previous two games had a chance to get on track – recent transfers, people returning after injury and veteran skaters played side by side. Rovaniemi had suffered an injury in the first game and their roster was short, but they still came into the second game fighting fiercely. There weren’t big differences in technical skills on an individual level, but as a team C-cassette played on a high level – the cassettes grabbed lead after lead, many with a lot of points. The end result was 91–426, which meant a tournament victory as well!

After an eventful autumn it was good to see our hard work rewarded with three wins in one week, and that the success showed on such a broad front – throughout the whole roster. We want to thank Kallio Rolling Rainbow for putting the tournament together and Roll-On Derby for coming, it was a privilege to play against you!

First two photos: Karlsen Foto, Thomas Karlsen
Last three photos: Star Pass Photos, Ville Päivätie
Text: Marko Niemelä
Translation: Smärta

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