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Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars Bootcamp


WHAT: All-Stars Bootcamp
WHERE: Vuosaari Sports Hall
WHEN: Saturday the 5th of January, 2019 from 12:30-17:30
WHY: Learning all the new things and all the new perspectives! Learning new skills, tricks and strategies so that we can all have a little more tools to work with in 2019.

HOW: Registration starts SOON! We will be opening up registrations for the Bootcamp and there are only 40 on skates and 15 off skates spots available!
Cost: €25, registration is confirmed upon payment by the due date.

The best part?: 5 hours of derby with multiple experienced players and coaches helping you every step of the way for only €25. You don’t want to miss this bargain.

The schedule will be finalised during December. We will offer clinics in at least the following:

  • Blocker clinic: Mastering the basic and conquering the advanced skills.
  • Jammer clinic: Mastering the basic and conquering the advanced skills.
  • Jam Starts Clinic
  • Strategy clinic for at least the following: offence, down players, scoring pass, power jams.
  • Mixed Scrimmage with your favourite All-Star skaters!

There is only two limitations to participate: one needs to be 16+ years old and have minimum skills tests passed. Otherwise, no limitations.

We will form two practice groups to the bootcamp based on the background info of the participants given in pursuance of the sign up. Thus, there will be plenty of things to learn for everyone regardless of the skill and experience level.

We want to make it a safe space for everyone and the trainers will make sure that all skaters are paired with someone that they will feel comfortable training with.

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