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Kamikaze Kitten bootcamp

On Saturday 15th of March Helsinki Roller Derby had honour to have the amazing Kamikaze Kitten from London Rollergirls to teach us a lot of new tricks and skills. The bootcamp was full of eager participants ready to learn and absorb everything. With Kami’s guidance they spent the day jumping, hopping, hitting, juking, staying strong, taking notes, laughing, having fun and doing awesome teamwork.




The day was long and exhausting and the breaks were few, but the skaters wanted to keep on learning. All the trying and listening and pushing to the limits was totally worth it. We got lots of new tools and drills to be added to our toolbox. Kami’s drills and example will inspire and give us something to think about for a long time.




Thank you Kamikaze Kitten for everything and hopefully HRD will meet you again as soon as possible!



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Helsinki Roller Derby is the oldest roller derby league in Finland - hitting, blocking and skating since 2009.

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