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Some 40 rookies were stuffed with new training ideas at B’ginners bootcamp

Last Saturday (26.11.2016) gathered roughly 40 newbies to Bunkkeri, when Queen B’s held their “B’ginners bootcamp” vol 2.

The morning started with warm-ups (which was very much needed in the cold climate of our dear Bunkkeri), after which we split the group into two. The other half got a super intense jamming 101 training from our jammers, while our blockers taught their best drills to the rest. After one hour of tough action the groups were switched. Blockers focused on good walls, thorough gameplay, and quick reset of the walls. Jammer school aimed to demonstrate all the different tools that a jammer can use.

After these “schools” we had a quick lunch break, after which it was time for a strategy session by our coach Aki. This info packed hour covered a solid toolbox for offence, star passes and stashes and jam starts. Next it was the time to practise all these things on the track! Our rookies were divided into line ups, who each got their own coach. The goal of the teams was to make a plan for the jam and then execute it. After each jam the coach gave feedback and the line-up discussed the success of their plan.

Demonstration time!

Bees demonstrating their favorite jam start strategies.

The rookies, who represented at least Vaasa, Kallio and Tampere, were very skilled and worked hard throughout the whole day. Six hours on skates is a long time for newbies, but we didn’t hear any complaints! If these guys are the future of roller derby in Finland, the future looks bright! We hope we managed to give good ideas and that these skaters are able to take them to their home league.

Thank you for participating!

With love,

on behalf of Queen B’s


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