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Vagine Regime Finland win their first game

 Saturday 29.10.2016 saw the first ever Vagine Regime Finland game, when VR Finland met the mixed Team Aubergine in Bunkkeri, Helsinki. This was the second Vagine Regime event in Finland, as Kallio Rolling Rainbow invited Vagine Regime Nordic to play a charity game in December 2013 – it was high time for VR to rally its troops in Finland.
Team Aubergine lost some players close to the game due to injury, so they played with 11 people. Since the remaining team consisted of experienced players, the short roster didn’t show in their gameplay and Team Aubergine gave VR Finland a good run for their money. Vagine Regime played with a full roster and with so many of the best jammers in Finland that Malou, known as a high scorer for the HRD All Stars, was seen on track mainly as a blocker. VR Finland’s top scorers were Sara Gilbert from Kallio Rolling Rainbow and HRD’s Taru Saxelin and Mia.


Vagine Regime

Vagine Regime played with full roster and full heart!

The power jammer for Team Aubergine in turn was Maiju Rinne of the HRD All Stars, but the star was also put to good use by Miika “Dägä” Karttunen, Antti “RebelRebel” Lappalainen and Tiina Laatikainen. The game was fast-paced and high in contact, but with such skilled players the contact was mostly legal, and players left the track after jams smiling and high-fiving their opponents.

During the second half Team Aubergine came in with strong offence and caught up on points, but VR Finland managed to straighten out their defence and the game ended at 217–167 in favour of VR Finland.
Rebel Rebel at apex

Rebel Rebel demonstrates an airy apex jump

The teams had players from HRD, Kallio Rolling Rainbow, Tampere Roller Derby, Dirty River Roller Grrrls, Joensuu Roller Derby and Helsinki Power Danger. The game attracted a sizeable, even international audience, so Bunkkeri will likely see more similar events before its doors are closed permanently.
A honourable mention goes to Iiris Suominen and Nina Erwes for providing cake, much to the delight of everyone attending. Rumour has it that cake was even eaten in official reviews.
Iloiset pelaajat rankan matsin jälkeen!

They were all smile after the game!

Text: Dominå F. Äkt
Translation: Smärta
Photos: Marko Niemelä Photography

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