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X-mas Special -rookies and juniors played tough games on Saturday

Soon after opening the 17th Advent Calendar flap we opened the Bunkkeri doors for the HRD X-mas Special Tournament featuring two games: The graduation game HRD Rookies vs Tampere-Pori and HRD Juniors vs HRD Adults. The air was filled with excitement and already some glitter for that night’s HRD gala event.

HRD Rookies had a roster made up mostly of skaters who had graduated the fall term’s Fresh Meat course. In essence these ladies and a gent had only had a few practices with game play – but it didn’t seem to bother them that much! Tampere-Pori roster had skaters from two leagues: Tampere Roller Derby and Pori Rolling Brigade. It was clear that the opponent had some pretty skillful skaters, and especially jammers, among them.

HRD Rookies demonstrating a nice triangle plus one in the offence tactic -not bad for rookies!

HRD Rookies (in white) demonstrating a nice triangle plus one in the offence tactic -not bad for rookies!The first half started evenly. At times the penalty box was crowded which created some interesting game situations. The use of star pass was maybe an unexpected skill from the HRD Rookies and something that the opponents had to keep an eye on. The first half ended in an exciting score of 92-84 for Tampere-Pori!

The second half was tough for HRD as Tampere-Pori kept stealing the leads continuously. They also got a couple of power jams to further improve their leading status. HRD showed off some amazing fresh jammer talents and I could have been more proud to see how well the blockers kept their walls against the tough jammers. In the end the game ended with Tampere-Pori scoring 247 against HRD’s 152 points.

Dear Pori and Tampere, thank you for travelling to Helsinki to trim our Rookies for their next battles!

The second game of the X-mas Special consisted of two 20 minute periods with no hitting allowed (junior rules, level 2). The HRD Juniors roster had 9 skaters and the Adults 8 so there was plenty of skating for everyone on offer. The beginning of the game was quite even and Adults had their jammer sent to the box in the very beginning. The Juniors team had really nice leads with for example Raivo, Koslu, Amme and Blockahontas. It was obvious that the Juniors had a great team spirit – and great fans in the audience! The first period ended with the score 60-54 for the Adults team.

Juniors played very well, and didn't even got out of breath during the game -same can't be said of the Adults

In the second period the Adults team fought harder and started taking more leads and making more points. There were some awesome offence moments performed by the Juniors which got their lovely jammers through the tough Adult walls. It seems like there is no stopping these Juniors and they probably could have played the full one-hour game without losing their breath! (I’m not sure about the Adults, though.) The game ends with the score of 90-165 for the Adults.

Thank you Juniors, Adults and the Officials for making this happen! Thank you fans!

Text: Riikka

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