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All-Stars on the rise in the Anarchy tournament

During Easter weekend European derby fanatics were not looking for Easter eggs, but following Twitter, as it was time for the 6th annual Anarchy in the UK tournament. The five teams playing were “Europe’s finest”: all Division 1 teams, top 5 in Europe. These games were important for all the teams because of the ranking points needed to get to the Div 1 play-offs in the fall, and of course settling the scores for the best team in Europe.

Teams in Anarchy and their global WFTDA rankings before the tournament:
London Brawling Allstars (#5)
Crime City Rollers (#13)
Rainy City Roller Derby (#21)
Helsinki Roller Derby (#22)
Stockholm Roller Derby (#28)

Unfortunately there was no stream, so the home audience were biting their nails while hitting F5 on Twitter, following the live tweeting at. Despite Twitter the games were a thriller to follow – in many of the games the lead kept on changing, and at times it looked like the power of London could have been defeated. 

Our Turtles started strong, taking down Rainy City Roller Derby (from Manchester, UK) with a relatively clear final score 154–102. Rainy City was just above us in the rankings, so this was a very promising victory against a new opponent. Our second game on Saturday was against our old rival, Crime City Rollers from Malmö, Sweden. They had defeated us after very tough and slow games the last couple of times (156–91 and 176–70 in 2016). This time the game was very even, and it often took quite a while before the lead was called – a very exhausting game for the jammers especially. The Swedes took the victory only by 18 points.

Maiju in mid air

Maiju jammed very strongly in all four games. Here she is in the middle of a very silly looking sideways jump.

Sunday came with another strong start as our All-Stars were leading against the “crown jewels” of London Roller Girls for the first couple of jams. The game went to the European number one with 220–141, but it was heaps more even than the previous game, played in Helsinki a year ago, which ended 33–393.

The last game of the tournament was against our dear neighbour, Stockholm Roller Derby All-Stars, against whom we have lost and won, lost and won for the last five years. This time it was our time to win, and the final score was 222–156 for us. (Greetings to our beloved Linda and A.M. in Stockholm – see you soon at team Finland training!)

Final scores from our games in Anarchy

The final scores from our games

We are very proud of our All-Stars: they played fiercely in four excellent games, and proved their position at a high level – top 3 in Europe and top 20 in world. Some were already predicting they might reach the top 10 this year:

Read more at the Apex!

Like the All-Stars motto says: “we didn’t come this far to only come this far!” – next up is the Big O tournament 5–7.5.2017. Can’t WAIT!

1,2,3 -LIHAA!

Are you ready for us, Big O?

Text: Jabba

Photos: Marko Niemelä Photography – more amazing pics here!

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