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C-kasetti and ALpakka are recruiting coaches for 2018 fall season

Send a freely formed application by 17.6.2018  to trainer@helsinkirollerderby.com and write in the subject field the team of which coaching group you are applying to. The selection will be made by 22.6.2018.

Helsinki Roller Derby C-Kasetti
C team coaches for season 2018-2019

C-Kasetti is the newest travel team of Helsinki Roller Derby and ambitious competitor on FTS-rankings. Besides highest possible FTS-ranking status, C-kasetti is the place to build new talented players to our higher travel teams, All-Stars and Queen Bees.

C-Kasetti is looking for coaches to guide the team during season 2018-2019, from July 2018 to June 2019. The decision regarding the selection of the coaches is made by the team. The coaching group is comprised of a head coach, an assistant coach and two (2) team captains. The tasks are shared but head coach is main responsible for decisions regarding team roster and playtime distribution and achieving team goals and results.

Work description for the head coach and the assistant coach:

  • Planning the C team season with the rest of the coaching crew and team interleague.
  • Planning the training schedule and coaching the training sessions together with the rest of the coaching group
  • Creating playtime distribution and strategy plans
  • Discussions with the players during the season, giving feedback to players and following players individual development
  • Giving feedback about skaters to aid team selection committee
  • Participating in league departments that support and coordinate coaching
  • Participating in games as a part of the team

The person chosen for the task commits to self-financed travels with the team to both national and international games. Travels will not be financially compensated as salary or travel reimbursement. Tasks can be divided within the coaching group as best suits the group and according to the members’ areas of interest and expertise.

A coach for C-Kasetti is:

  • Positive and easily approachable
  • Open and cooperative
  • Systematic and methodical
  • Trustworthy and responsible
  • Willing and able to both give and receive feedback
  • Interested in the development of roller derby as a sport, aware of any changes to the rules of the game and other relevant things related to roller derby

Helsinki Roller Derby ALpakka
Coaching crew for the recreational league – Autumn 2018

HRD’s ALpakka is looking for coaches from August 2018 until December 2018. The decision of appointing the new coach(es) is on the team.

ALpakka is the recreational team of Helsinki Roller Derby. In ALpakka everyone can enjoy roller derby without the pressure of the more competitive teams, but it also gives the support to skaters who are aiming to play in travel teams. The coaching crew consists from 1 to 3 coaches.

Job description for the coaching crew:

  • Season planning for the recreational-team
  • Planning of the training schedule, executing the plan together and being present at the training sessions.
  • Discussions and feedback with players during the season, and follow-up of the progress of the players.
  • Feedback to the Team Selection Committee.
  • Being part of the team in the coming games

The selected coaching crew can share the tasks within the crew, finding the most suitable task for everyone considering their know-how and interest.


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