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Juniors fully prepared for their first game

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Our juniors played their first scrimmage as a team on Monday against a challenging opponent assembled from the experienced players of B and C team. All sixteen junior skaters played extremely well, and both teams really enjoyed the game that was played in level 2 junior roller derby rules.

One of our slogans in HRD is “practise like you play”, which was executed in this scrimmage as well; we had proper gear check, captains and team shouts. The Juniors’ “silent shout” caused chills down their opponents spines, and the atmosphere on the jammer line before the first whistle was tense, but when the game started it was pure joy!


Black wall ready to catch Junior jammer Lappalainen 2.0Lappalainen 2.0 approaching the pack, ready score more points (photo by Kujis)

The benches Raivo and RebelRebel guided their team gently but firmly, and the Juniors executed their wishes well. Both teams did very good job in matching their contact to level 2 rules (level two allows lean blocking only, acceleration to block is not allowed). This didn’t mean that the game would have lacked intensity: Juniors were extremely skilled in doing offence, and often their opponents were trapped next to the track lines. Juniors had both strong and agile jammers that were able to either push through the opponents triangle walls or find the holes in them.

It is clear that these rascals are ready to meet their opponent, the Candy Snatchers from Malmö in MayDay in HEL tournament next week. Make sure you get the tickets (click)!mayday_fb

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