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Queen B’s won Paris B-team, Les Quedalles

Queen B’s played against Paris B-team (Les Quedalles, PRG) on Saturday (29th of April). The Bees were happy to play a rare home game in Pasila! This was the first game with the Q2/2017 roster, and the first game in roughly one year for the returning jammer Varpu #88. It was nice that we could present the best of our roster due to the home advantage -too bad that our only French speaking player couldn’t make it, especially as she spend fair share of last week by coming up with suitable puns for Les Quedalles!

Here's Varpu jamming with a smile on her face -Laatikainen appreciates!

Here’s Varpu jamming with a smile on her face –Laatikainen #85 appreciates!

The game was a very clear victory for Queen B’s. Flat track stats estimated that against every point the Parisiennes get, Bees should get two: the final score being 362 – 87, this score was reached and more. Queen B’s improved their FTS ranking by 12.5 points, coming now neck to neck with Tiger Bay Brawlers and Auld Reekie Roller Girls, who played in the same Farewell to Forearms tournament against Kallio Rolling Rainbow and Paris A-teams.

Missed the games? You can view them in Fanseat: http://www.fanseat.com/event/3443

Laatikainen, Salonen and Halkonen demonstrating a strong triangle wall formation

Laatikainen, Fuchs and Halkonen demonstrating a strong triangle wall formation. Fuchs #112 got the MVP award from KRR!

“Les Quedalles were good players, but co-operation and especially offence weren’t yet quite in the same level as ours. The strong walls of Queen B’s kept the PRG jammers nicely stuck, and our strong offence sealed the deal for us”, Aki, coach for the Queen B’s sums up. Team captain Halkonen thanked our jammers for steady and strong performance, and reminded that even though the victory was clear, every point required hard work against more physical gameplay of the French team.

Text & translation: Jabba

Photos: Marko Niemelä Photography (more pics here!)

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