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Deadbeat Debbie. Copyright: Mick Dagger, lightpictures.fi

Deadbeat Debbie. Copyright: Miika Karttunen, lightpictures.fi


The Skater of Month is our dear Deadbeat Debbie. According to her play number #88mph she is heading to the future. Speed refers to Back to the Future movie’s famous time machine. Debbie’s  derby name is about the rhyme. Deadbeat fits well to derby and Debbie rhymes with it.

The high point of Debbie’s derby career was at the Track Queen’s Battle Royal Cup in Berlin. HRD played against London Roller Girls. Debbie remembers well how all of the All-Star Ninja Turtles were shivering of excitement. To Debbie derby is most attractive when the team plays well together.

Debbie was studying in Rovaniemi (that’s where Santa Claus lives too) and she did mostly individual sports like boxing. In the spring 2011 she moved to Helsinki and started the fresh meat training. She found herself selling tickets to Fool Fighter –bout and thought that derby was coolest sport ever.

At the beginning it was hard to learn to stay in a proper derby stance. Debbie thought that “if I don’t learn this, derby isn’t my thing”. But she practiced hard and learned it. Nowadays the biggest challenges are to improve timing and ability to make circumspect decisions. Debbie adds that there are endless possibilities in training harder, becoming a better skater and being in better shape.

Debbie’s derby idol is her own dear derby sister Mirkkuli from HRD. According to Debbie Mirkkuli is “agile as a kangaroo and fast as a cheetah”. Her apex jumps are brilliant. She is active and doesn’t easily give up. Debbie is always glad when she gets to play with Mirkkuli.

Debbie’s derby song is Carly Simons – Nobody Does It Better. If she could listen to music when skating, she would want to hear hardcore punk songs. Then her feet would probably move faster.

In the future Debbie aims to be as strong, wise and beautiful as Turtles are. She would love to be a permanent member of HRD’s A-team.  In the spring the goal is to win Stockholm roller Derby in Jamma Mia –bout and play well in WFTDA tournament in Gent in May.

Debbie can be calm in every situation. She doesn’t worry for nothing and that’s a good thing.


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