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Blocking Molly posing for team picture, taken by Marko Niemelä

Blocking Molly posing for team picture, taken by Marko Niemelä

Blocking Molly charms her team mates by her calmness. Her derby name is an insightful combination of great band and own play position. This woman plays for both of Helsinki Roller Derby’s travel teams: Queen B’s and All-star Ninja Turtles. Her best derby moment was when HRD played against Stockholm Roller Derby in the Jamma Mia!  -bout. Molly was in both A- and B-team rosters.

Before Blocking Molly was into individual sports but she got excited of derby with her sister Tytti XtraHard in the autumn 2011. They saw HRD’s home team bout and started the fresh meat training after it. Now-a-days Molly skates for the home team Saturday Fight Fever. In addition to derby she likes to ride a horse.

In the beginning it was hard to learn to count on own skates and try not to be afraid of falling. Right now the biggest challenges are in gaining agility and exploding power. Molly would like to be more confident skater and that’s something to always work for. Her favorite (and also most horrible) off skates workout is Heli Runteli’s stair running exercise.

Blocking Molly’s derby idol is her big sister Tytti XtraHard. Molly admires her perseverance and decisiveness in derby. Also Suvi Hokkari’s blocking skills have made special impact on Molly. If she had to pick a derby song it would be Party Rock Anthem. It is a fun warm-up dancing song that gets mind to the upcoming game and gives good vibrations.

Right now Blocking Molly’s derby goals are in the upcoming WFTDA tournament in Gent. Her aim is to get playing time on the track and do her own best. She would also like to become a permanent member of the All-star Ninja Turtles although she enjoys playing in Queen B’s too. This is what Molly’s team mate Witty Vega thinks of her:

“It’s a pleasure to train and play with Molly. She is serious with derby and wants to get better in it. Molly can hold the opponents even alone and at the same time she is an excellent team player. Other players can trust on her. I already wait for the next time when I get to play with her.”

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