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Kuva: Miika Karttunen/lightpictures.fi

Kuva: Miika Karttunen/lightpictures.fi

If stars and huge jumps suddenly pop up in your mind, most likely Mirkkuli #156, has just passed you. This woman is just too fast to catch with an eye.

Mirkkuli has been speeding around the derby tracks for about year and half now, after being introduced by an article she read about roller derby. Fast shifting situations, physicality combined with brains and teamplay are the things that appeal to her in this sport. She represents home team Angry Nerds and skates in both travel teams.

If she got the choose – but she didn’t – she would be playing with only a number. It was Suvi Hokkari, who originally nicknamed her Mirkkuli, and since then Mirkkuli she has been among her teammates. The number 156 refers to the Mew’s song with the same name.

Transitions caused a lot of trouble to her in the beginning, and nowadays she likes to refine on sharp stops and backwards crossovers. And of course those transitions can never be too smooth.

About a year ago Mirkkuli faced some bad luck and hurt her cruciate ligament. After eight months of rehabilitation she made a comeback – and what kind of comeback! Hard work at the gym have paid off, and that’s what she still likes to do in addition to skating several times a week. In a tough moment The Crash’s song Still Alive gives her the strenght she needs.

The most memorable moment of her derby career so far has been beating Stockholm Roller Derby in 2013: A Skate Odyssey tournament in Gent. As a skater she admires her jammer colleague Heli Runteli, who’s agility and skills are impressing her day after day.

In the future Mirkkuli hopes to be a permanent member of “the heroes in a half shell”, A-team All-Star Ninja Turtles, and that she’ll continue to develop as a skater both technically and mentally.

Mirkkuli is a superballjammer! Purposeful and relentless. Spreads around good mood and is always ready for a challenge. Cute as a button, always makes me want to hug her. -Raivo

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