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Sara Ekholm

Sara Ekholm

This month’s skater is Sara Ekholm, our half-Canadian power pack! Her derby career began when her current team mate Iiris Suominen took her to a MAY DAY – Scrimmage four years ago. Sara is an original HRD skater and has a sports-filled background of mostly short track speed skating and tennis which she definitely uses to her fullest on the track. At the moment she plays as a blocker for our All-Star Ninja Turtles as well as Team Finland.

Sara is fascinated by the quick growth of derby, with little sponsoring compared to other sports. “This sport has basically been built into this ridiculous network just from sheer will, determination, and love of the sport. You can never underestimate the power of those things.” She also feels very lucky to play with HRD’s All-Stars and even says her teammates have helped to make her a better person. The best thing about the sport according to her are the bonds one creates with her teammates: “This is both a mental and physical bond. There is nothing like learning to read someone’s body language so well that you know exactly what their next move is and just dominating the track with them. It’s a high I really can’t explain.” In the future Sara wants to absorb as much derby knowledge as she can and push herself beyond where she has pushed herself in the past.

When asked about her derby idols, Sara answers without hesitation that she is a HUGE Shaina Serelson fan. “I just love how well she works with her teammates, her track awareness, and her backwards blocking is unreal. For me it also helps that she has a similar body type to mine as well as some speed skating background,” she says.

Sara’s fondest derby moment was playing at the Skate Odyssey 2013 in Gent in the semi finals against Tiger bay. From the USA tour the A-team had this summer Sara has many great moments: Coney Island beach day, Celebrating our Long Island win on the Long Island Rail Road, beating Brandywine, making a new promo video in Philadelphia, being able to watch teams like Gotham, Philly, Team USA and Team Canada live and the list goes on. She says her personal achievement on this trip was holding it through all the stress and pressure. She says that the trip was definitely an eye opener for the team and made them even hungrier to climb up the WFTDA rankings. Now Sara is ready for the new season and we are stoked to see what amazing things she can do next!

“I have always such a trustful feeling when playing with Sara. She fixes my weaknesses and brings up the best of me as a blocker. Her footwork and skating technique are outstanding.” -Raivo


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