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Photo: Marko Niemelä

Photo: Marko Niemelä

This time’s player of the month is a sparkle of energy in form of Super Maria! She began her derby career in spring of 2012 in P-town Brawlers in Porvoo. Background in figure skating and an interesting article of roller derby inspired her to go and try skating in open skate with her friend. Soon Maria discovered that her training had transformed from leisure to more target oriented. First chance to play her first bout came after almost a year of training. Before that, she gained understanding of the game from reading the rules and watching bouts together with teammates. In autumn of 2013, Maria joined HRD and soon after that started training with A-team. Our flying jammer is also part of Team Finland, which will take part in the roller derby World Cup 2014.

In roller derby Maria is charmed by it’s speed and action-packed nature. Challenging for this skater talent is teamplay and carrying out game strategies. Maria’s confidence and talent as a skater can be seen in lack of bigger accidents. The only injury that demanded a few weeks break from training happened in the beginning of her derby career, when she broke her finger when falling. In addition to derby, Maria acts as a sports official in her student guild and likes especially dancing and climbing. Perhaps for that’s the reason why Maria’s favorite warm-up is the dance-routine that they do before the game.

For her player role models Maria names her jammer colleagues Pygmi and Mirkkuli. “They’re both fast jammers and I especially admire their ability to react quickly in challenging game situations”, Maria describes. From foreign derby players Maria names Jukeboxx, who plays for London Rollergirls and Team USA. She is thrilled about Jukeboxx’s skating skills, her ability to control her skates and coordination skills while playing.

Maria’s player name Super Maria and number 1up are surely one of the the wittiest name-number combinations of Finnish derby players. However, Maria started her derby career with number 93! She did not get play a single scrimmage with that number, when 1up – familiar number for all Nintendo and Mario Bros fans – spontaneously became her number while shooting player photos. Her coach came up with the name Super Maria, when she was trying to figure out a name that she would surely recognize.

At the moment Maria’s goals and thoughts are in upcoming ECDX derby tournament held in Philadelphia in June. She can’t wait to play against tough teams and gaining a lot of experience. Her best derby memory is the moment she heard that she got into Team Finland and the extremely exciting and eventful bout against Team Sweden. “The feeling in that game was something extremely stunning!”

Maria is like a showpony on the track, who defies gravity with her bounces and pirouettes when scoring points at the same time. This entertaining skater talent is always ready for adventures and you never know where you end up with her company. -Anna Miettinen

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