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Train your weakness – get stronger, 5 weeks until Playoffs

As mentioned before, we have been located to Malmö Playoffs, which means that the return to training has to be quick, clean and full of energy. Even though we have lost our training space Bunkkeri, we still have some batman timed training times in Pasila, Viikki and Vuosaari.

During the midsummer break my own focus has been on things I’m not so good at such as mobility besides normal offskates at the gym. We probably all know, how stiff the upper back is after long hard training or game weekend, or how our heads don’t turn after a few big hits. Haha see “the normal” All-Star posture in that picture above: shoulders inwards, back rounded, chin up, hips in flexion.

During the summer I found myself a perfect way of mobility training, which has also made me a lot stronger and faster since I have so much better control of my body: I salute you pole dance! It’s a perfect balance for the hard hits and fast legs (also not forgetting the constant forward bent skating position).


Finding the flexibility to shoulders and back. Some day I will master the split also!

Now when the autumn season has finally start, I can only keep training and wait for the results to show. Like Aristoteles has said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Just wait for it.

MIA #156

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