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Mid season break

Mid season break – Break from skating, not from training. And yes, there was some derby as well. Spring season was hard. Before first tournament we were able to practice in our own training space, Bunkkeri. After that training times and amount of training times changed. It felt like we didn’t had time to train enough before the following tournaments and at the same time like we didn’t have time …Read More


The long-awaited moment of the summer was on Friday 14.7. when WFTDA released the brackets for the D1 Playoffs! That moment made the social media explode at that second when all went out public! First time one of the Playoffs locations is in Europe, and HRD All-Stars are very pleased and happy to travel to neighbour country Sweden! This makes also a lot easier to have all our lovely officials, …Read More

All-Stars wrapped up the spring season at Kallio FINvitational -tournament

All-stars wrapped up their spring season at Kallio FINvitational -tournament hosted by Kallio Rolling Rainbow. What a high-level derby weekend it was! All-stars have had three tournaments (12 games, 10 unique opponents, two continents) in two months. That’s really intense – especially when you’ve just lost your practice venue and can only train together a couple of times between the tournaments. At Kallio FINvitational All-stars met Stockholm Roller Derby, Sun State …Read More

C-kasetti Climbs Rankings After Wins in Stockholm

C-kasetti swept their opponents in Stockholm Roller Derby’s 10-Year Anniversary Extravaganza. On Saturday morning, they beat the Jackdaw City Rollers 478-52. Later that afternoon, they beat The Royal Army 180-155. In their final game on Sunday, they beat the Stockholm BSTRDs 257-129. Throughout the weekend, C-kasetti showed incredible calmness and determination. C-kasetti swept their opponents in Stockholm Roller Derby’s 10-Year Anniversary Extravaganza. On Saturday morning, they beat the Jackdaw City …Read More

All-Stars winning in the Big O 2017

All-Stars played four games in the Big O tournament in Eugene, Oregon in May 5th-7th, and won every single one of them. They belong to the top, that’s for sure! All-Stars wrote a recap and shout outs of the games. Day 1. Game against Windy City We left to our first game against Windy City feeling confident and happy since the rankings had been released the previous week and we …Read More

Queen B’s won Paris B-team, Les Quedalles

Queen B’s played against Paris B-team (Les Quedalles, PRG) on Saturday (29th of April). The Bees were happy to play a rare home game in Pasila! This was the first game with the Q2/2017 roster, and the first game in roughly one year for the returning jammer Varpu #88. It was nice that we could present the best of our roster due to the home advantage -too bad that our only …Read More

All-Stars on the rise in the Anarchy tournament

During Easter weekend European derby fanatics were not looking for Easter eggs, but following Twitter, as it was time for the 6th annual Anarchy in the UK tournament. The five teams playing were “Europe’s finest”: all Division 1 teams, top 5 in Europe. These games were important for all the teams because of the ranking points needed to get to the Div 1 play-offs in the fall, and of course settling the …Read More

Busy weekend: C-cassette and AL-pakka nailed it at Joensuu, Queen B’s played a real nail biter in Gothenburg

It sure was one busy weekend! Oh, and we’ve got big news: we have a new team, called AL-pakkas! Our 2 years time in Bunkkeri allowed us to raise a whole new generation of players, and this meant that we could develop our C-team into a more competitive crew, and build a new recreational team for the whole league. Both the new, shiny and more competitive C-cassette, and brand-new AL-pakka …Read More

Queen B’s fun-filled 5 year anniversary at Tenerife: rematch against their first ever opponent

Due to the changing of the Finnish Nationals seasons’ schedule, Queen B’s are at the moment “between seasons”. This means that it’s a good time to learn new strategies,  integrate new players to the team, travel and meet new friends! In the beginning of February, Bees travelled to Tenerife to honour the anniversary of a game played exactly five years ago: Tenerife Roller Derby against Helsinki Roller Derby B-team.  Five years …Read More

Fun times at the open skate!

After almost three hours they still look happy! In front we have our “sneaker derby” players in team baby blue against team pink, and behind them the skaters -we had to split the group in two, because we couldn’t fit them all on the tracks at once! We had a great open skate event last Saturday -thank you SO MUCH for joining! We had roughly 40 people practising basic skating …Read More

New beginners’ course begins in February -sign up NOW!

We are offering another one of our brilliant and super popular beginners’ course in February! In our fully packed intense “freshmeat training period” you get solid skating skills, learn the rules and master your first game moves. After the course you are good to go, whether it is a joyful (and sweaty!) new hobby or a nice kick-start for your athletic or referee career you are looking for! The fresh meat course …Read More

Kulttuurilahja-campaign is the thing!

Kulttuurilahja (“Culture Gift”) is a new crowdfunding platform. Our All-Stars are one of the first Kulttuurilahja-fundraising projects. All-Stars battle with the best teams in the world. They are now fifth in Europe and 22nd in the world. All-Stars compete mainly against foreign teams, which means 2 to 4 trips to Europe and overseas per year. All-Stars are gathering 5000 euros to help them to get to the upcoming Big O -tournament trip in …Read More

X-mas Special -rookies and juniors played tough games on Saturday

Soon after opening the 17th Advent Calendar flap we opened the Bunkkeri doors for the HRD X-mas Special Tournament featuring two games: The graduation game HRD Rookies vs Tampere-Pori and HRD Juniors vs HRD Adults. The air was filled with excitement and already some glitter for that night’s HRD gala event. HRD Rookies had a roster made up mostly of skaters who had graduated the fall term’s Fresh Meat course. …Read More

Suomi Cup Finals: Silver for the Queen B’s

The championship tournament of the Finnish Nationals (Suomi Cup) was played in Tampere last Saturday. The HRD Queen B’s and Kallio Rolling Rainbow battled for the gold in a game that had the audience at the edge of their seats. The semi-finals have been played by the same four teams throughout the four-year history of Suomi Cup: based on their achievements in the Suomi Cup games leading up to the …Read More