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It’s your attitude that creates the reality

During the mid season break it is time to relax, but sometimes work and other duties don’t allow you to really take the time off. In such a case you need to steal a time machine to arrange small period of time to escape from all the duties including derby to give your brains a little break.

For that little break it is nice to plan all the things you never have time for. Like travelling to new places, trying new sports and just not to think the usual stuff in your life.

And when you have fixed those out of duty days and booked a surf vacation to south France then suddenly nothing goes as planned. Your one and only goal has been to surf and it just keeps raining cats and dogs and the wind blows with the speed of light. In such case, you just need to suck it up and make a change of plans. Then instead of staying in France you take a bunch of friends and drive to Spain. And even when it just keeps on raining and raining, you do not drown to sorrow and grief but eat a huge amount of tapas and olives and enjoy the wine.


And then on that morning when the sun actually shines and the waves seem perfect, your surf teacher’s car breaks down. Then you once again suck it up and pack the boards on top of the smallest rental car ever seen on this planet. And then you go and surf.


All these unwanted and unpredictable events during our tiny little vacation reminded us how things that happen in normal life also happen in derby. When nothing seem to go right, you just have to suck it up, clear your mind and instead go left. You have to accept that things might not go as planned and make a new plan. It is your attitude that creates the reality.


And yes, it rained during the surf lesson and we needed to stop because of the weather conditions after few hours but at least the Atlantic ocean was warm and we had the best of times.

Late #85 & Maiju #39

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