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Sense, sensibility and roller derby

Wow. In six days it is the fourth anniversary of me putting on the quad skates for the first time. Oh! And in six days, I also happen to travel to Malmö to play in my first Playoffs ever. Crazy.

I never intended to become a serious derby player – all I wanted was to meet new people and to do just enough exercising to be able to lift The Lord of the Rings off the shelf without getting out of breath or being crushed by its volume. If someone had told Freshmeat-Retku, that in four years’ time she’d be voluntarily going to the gym to lift heavy weights and spending most of her free-time in derby-related activities in order to earn her place in a top 15 team in the world…. well, I think that weakling would’ve strained multiple muscles laughing at that ridiculous thought.

Little did she know. I wouldn’t have it any other way now.


My early derby days were all about posing for the camera.

Nonetheless, I still occasionally question my life choices… should I really be spending this much time on a recreational activity at this point in my life? Is this “sensible”? These questions become especially harrowing, when my calendar gets so full that I fail to meet deadlines and struggle to keep up with the social side of derby – which is after all one of the main reasons I started skating in the first place.

Then again, since joining HRD, I have gained huge amounts of energy, joy, strength, self-confidence and even new ways of thinking – for roller derby community is a (lovable) brainwashing cult, no matter what they may tell you – that help & empower me in other areas of life too.

And then there are those days of pure delight, like last Sunday, when our team travelled to Tampere to play a 3 x 30 minutes scrimmage against Mens’ Team Finland. So much fun! So much sweat! And we won! And the next day I got to brag at work about how I’d gotten my swollen lip! (The looks of horror on my colleagues’ faces, when they heard about mixed games – best!)


Thank you so much, Mens’ Team Finland,for the great game!

In six days’ time I …no… WE will travel to Malmö for 2017 International WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs as a team, putting aside all worries and doubts of our private lives and concentrate on nothing but playing the best game we can.

Spending most of one’s free-time and energy on roller derby might not be the most sensible thing to do in the “traditional sense”. But then again, if by working with your team mates towards a common goal makes you happy and helps you be a better version of yourself… then derby sounds pretty sensible to me.

Retku #77

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