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You know the moment right before a game when your team huddles together, everyone reach their hand in the middle and shout out loud something weird or even funny? Usually when you start listening and you pick up a word or two you think is it weird because someone said something about dogs or states or win or what ever.

For me it’s the moment when adrenalin rushes thru my body and every single cell prepares to take on the coming game on the track. From there on it’s all about fighting for a win and reaching for the goal we have set together.

We yell yy-kaa-koo, LIHAA which means one-two-three-MEAT. Why? Let me tell you.

Back in the days before our team was called All-Stars the team’s name was Ninja Turtles. Someone might remember the turtle leggings and funny hats with knitted ninja turtles masks. Nickname is still alive and the team still has some mental connection to turtles.

At our local zoo in Helsinki the vegeterian turtles are living together with huge carnivores, alligators. Alligators are served with big amounts of meat so they would focus on that instead of the turtles. And the nice turtles are not considered as a threat for the served meal nor the alligators. At one day, something changed. The turtles became arrogant baddasses and they stole the meat from the alligators.They just ate it all. Like they needed snacks. Maybe they wanted to show that they can kick alligator asses if needed.

That’s us. That’s my team. Badasses. Every single one. It has taken quite a while for humble Finnish Turtles to get the meat and eat the meat but now it is in our hands. For us it stands for sticking into our own plan and our own game. For us it means giving it all and leaving it all to the track, one jam at the time, until the final whistle blows.

Tomorrow it starts at 12. YY-KAA-KOO, LIHAA!!!


Janica Saxelin #1

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