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Flippi, Loiri, ninaerwes… HRD’s player for April has many names. Flippin’ Lori Meyers was born from a wordplay based on the songs of Millencolin and Nofx, two of Nina’s favourite bands. Her number 2.8 is also a tribute to her love of music. Twopointeight, of course.

Nina is the player who lives with cats Turska and Rommi, tells the best bad jokes, is into photography, snowboards, and collects stickers and yes – is perhaps the most crazy about music.

Currently a member of HRD’s All-Star Ninja Turtles and the home team Hurtta Lottas, Nina was originally drawn to roller derby by its physicality, speed and strategy, as well as the growth and development of a new sport. The movie Whip It also played a part in getting Nina – as well as many other girls – excited about derby. In November 2010, during her freshmeat training period, Nina cursed transitions. The desire to become better at turning and skating backwards is still there.

Nina hasn’t had any serious injuries during her career, although she did spend a couple of weeks walking with crutches while recovering from a strained cruciate ligament.

Nina’s Finnish role model as a skater is Doris. Nina admires her team-mate’s wise and clean playstyle, and her ability to ”come up with solutions in tricky situations, do at least a hundred push-ups, hold a plank for 3,5 minutes, make me cheerful and tell weird jokes”. All in all, Nina sees Doris as a very good player. And lovely too!

Out of foreign players Nina admires London’s multi-talented Stefanie Mainey and Australia’s BB Bombshell, who doubled Nina’s love for the sport at her first bootcamp in Manchester. Also Stockholm’s flying Hyper Nova is a player whose team spirit and attitude in the game make even a defeat feel like a win for Nina.

Nina’s skating song is Highway to the Dangerzone from the soundtrack of Top Gun.

Flippi is an incredibly skilled and intelligent player. It’s easy to play together because you can always trust her fully. In addition to being a good derby player, off track Flippi is also a wonderful person who always saves the day. – Doris

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Helsinki Roller Derby is the oldest roller derby league in Finland - hitting, blocking and skating since 2009.

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