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Photo: Miika Karttunen/lightpictures.fi

November’s Skater is a wonderful gal called Tiina Kimari! Kimari has skated for Helsinki Roller Derby for the whole 3,5 years and is part of the HRD All-Star Ninja Turtles team. Tiina’s home team is Angry Nerds (but she has played for all of them!) and she’s also a celebrated member of Team Finland.

Kimari first learned about roller derby from a friend of hers. Kimari says she loves the physical challenge and smart strategies, but most importantly she mentions about the fastly forward developing nature of this young sport, where skaters must learn to adjust and develop their skills. Kimari bouted for the first time in the Spring of 2010. Before her own debut, she had never witnessed live roller derby.

During this summer our skater of the month gave up her old derby name, and skates now under her real name, Tiina Kimari. The origins of her player number #94 remain mysterious even for herself.

As a rookie, Kimari remembers working on a lot on her low derby stance. Nowadays she focuses on fast feet work to make her an even better jammer. Kimari has luckily never been injured and she has only once missed a month of training. She keeps her self fit by running, aqua jogging and steady gym routine. When asked, what’s her favorite roller derby workout, she mentions the famous Heli Runteli off-skates sessions. “Sometimes I feel I just can’t take it, but I feel wonderful afterwards”, she sums up her thoughts.

As her greatest roller derby achievement Kimari brings up Blood & Thunder World Cup at Toronto 2011, where Team Finland was ranked as #5 after beating Team Sweden. Kimari also admires and respects all her team mates on the HRD Turtles team, who she has played and evolved with. As for her foreign idols, Kimari roots for ‘Snot Rocket Science of Team USA and Canadian Georgia W. Tush, who has also coached HRD in the past.

Kimari is now traveling around South America, and meeting skaters from Sao Paulos and Buenos Aires’ leagues. She’s also coaching these leagues with the assistant of Heli Runteli coaching, which would be more than fitting, as Kimari also used to be the head of training department in Helsinki Roller Derby. In Tiina’s derbywife’s opinion, Tiina should come back already! This is what Iiris Suominen wants to say about her beloved wifey:

Tiina is an amaxing personality, really dedicated HRD skater. She’s a superjammer on who you can always count on. She works so hard, on the track and also beyond it. She’s lovely to train with, because she hits hard and always makes an effort, gives her best shot and has always great ideas to try on the track. 

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