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Picture by Miika Karttunen www.lightpictures.fi

The animal side of Helsinki Roller Derby is presented by the all mighty Tigre Force, who’s number #142 refers to the magic bus of the movie Into the Wild. This tiger-loving founding member of Helsinki Roller Derby is a true cosmopolite, who brings always the freshest strategies as a souvenir from her trips. Tigre has also been spotted as a coach, both Finland and abroad. Roller derby is a lifestyle for her, and she’s enchanted by it’s open and international atmosphere, in addition of new friends who share her thoughts. She is also an active member in running our league. Her nickname is “The Leader”, which kinda says it all.

In Helsinki Roller Derby she skates in travel team HRD All-Star Ninja Turtles and home team Saturday Fight Fever. Tigre was also presenting Team Finland in the very first Roller Derby World Cup in Toronto 2011, and played against Team USA in September 2012 in Helsinki. She plays usually as a blocker or pivot, but wearing a star in her helmet is not that unusual either, at least when scrimmaging.

At the beginning crossovers were somewhat challenging to her, but it probably had something to do with with her retro skates with wide, peeling off wheels. These days she’s working on having all skating skills balanced on both sides. In 2011 she broke her ankle, but turned the difficulties into victory and returned to the track as strong as a tiger.

The highlight of her derby career so far has been the epic bout, where Team Finland played against Team USA in September 2012. Finland lost – a lot – but Tigre just got more confidence and spunk out of it as a player.

Derby stars like Stefanie Mainey, MasterBlaster, Georgia W. Tush and Fisti Cuffs have made a hit with her, but she admires and gets inspired by all new and old skaters, who challenge and outdo themselves. Tigre loves to challenge herself too, and if you want to dare her to twist the arm or compete in making pushups, she’s in for sure anytime!

If there’s any spare time after all the derby action, she goes to gym, walks around the city or plays guitar. She’s been playing also drums and let’s not forget the triangle!

Title song of Tigre Force is of course Le Tigre’s song Deceptacon. It’s been a sountrack through her punkband, soccer and derby careers, and sums up her derby history with her long-time friend and co-skater Suvi Hokkari.

Tigre just spent few months overseas and came back with brand new tricks in her pocket. Follow her voyages in her blog Traveling in the Name of Derby: http://www.tigreforce.blogspot.fi/


“One of the most passionate & committed derby skaters there is. She is constantly traveling around the world to gain more derby knowledge and shares her brilliant drills and skills to everyone she gets to skate with. Tigre keeps pushing not only her teammates but the sport itself to the next level. Every team needs a leader, every team needs Tigre.” -Suvi Hokkari

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Helsinki Roller Derby is the oldest roller derby league in Finland - hitting, blocking and skating since 2009.

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