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When you see this woman, skate as fast as you can! She is known as a hard hitting blocker but is seen with a star in her head every once in a while.

Linda, previously known as Lizz Troublegum, started skating in the very first freshmeat course of HRD in 2010. The world of roller derby was introduced to her by a friend, and thank her for that! Linda is one of the regular faces of A-team and confesses gold and purple of the home team colours when representing Saturday Fight Fever. She was part of the first Team Finland in 2011 and is rehearsing in the Team Finland training squad at the moment too. Every now and then she coaches in her old neighbourhood the new derby promises of the West coast of Finland.

The originality and variety of roller derby fascinate Linda as well as physical and strategic features. And the wicked squad skates! At first finding the low derby stance was challenging, but nowadays she struggles more with the mental side, like preparing for an upcoming game. Psychological side has come more and more important to her in the long run. When it comes to music, Pain’s Shut Your Mouth is the song that gets her into the right mood.

There could always be more time for off skates training, but when Linda finds it, her favourite excercise is crossfit. She loves but it makes her always almost sick. As a member of the safety department of HRD she has witnessed and treated fractures of co-skaters, but has been lucky to avoid them by herself so far.

As favourite skaters she names her teammate Heli Runteli, and London Roller Girls’ Stefanie Mainey, who’s strenght, intelligence and nice character get Linda’s appreciation.

The most memoriable moment of Linda’s derby career so far has been the bout in World Championchips in Toronto 2011, when Finland beat Sweden and made them cry.┬áIn the future Linda aims for the final roster of Team Finland and to get to present Finland again in Texas in 2014.


On the track Linda is quiet avenger and the queen of offence. As a teammate and blocker 100% reliable. Smooth, physical, efficient and determined. – Raivo

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About HRD

Helsinki Roller Derby is the oldest roller derby league in Finland - hitting, blocking and skating since 2009.

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