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Wohoo the skater of March is our own tough teacher Witty Vega! She got into roller derby when she was in student exchange in Sweden. She started skating for the Umeå Radical Rollers and moved to HRD when she came back to Finland. She got quite fast to All-Star Ninja Turtles and plays sometimes with Queen B’s and HRD’s home team Saturday Fight Fever too. She plays both as a blocker and as a jammer. Vega also works as a bench for HRD’s new travel team C-Cassette.

Vega is fascinated about the speed of derby. She thinks that there’s no time to hesitate at the track. She trusts in strategic playing. Best moments are when the team works well together. At the moment this woman is training to be more physical player because she thinks that the main task for a blocker is to be able to maintain her own place at the track. The biggest goal in the future for her is to get much time at the track in the next summer’s ECDX tournament.

When asked about her derby idol Vega nominates Bonnie Thunders from the Team USA and Gotham Roller Derby. Her words: “I’m not big but I’m strong” have stuck on Vega’s mind so she thinks that it’s up to her how good of a player she can become. She also approves her old team mates Knuckles, Bio and Abba from Umeå. At bout mornings Vega always listens to Le Tigre’s song I’m So Excited.

Vega’s most important derby moments were when she played too bouts against Tiger Bay in a row in Cardiff last December. First she played as a jammer in B-team game and then as a blocker in A-team game. The best thing was to play with familiar line up in the A-team after a year of practice. Winning the A-team game gave a great end to autumn season.

Vega is determined and goal-oriented player and takes seriously every practice. She never skips training! Her strategic expertise is strong. It’s a pleasure to play with Vega and she’s a lovely person also outside the track. –Blocking Molly #39


Salla Karjalainen

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Helsinki Roller Derby is the oldest roller derby league in Finland - hitting, blocking and skating since 2009.

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