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Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars Bootcamp

  WHAT: All-Stars Bootcamp WHERE: Vuosaari Sports Hall WHEN: Saturday the 5th of January, 2019 from 12:30-17:30 WHY: Learning all the new things and all the new perspectives! Learning new skills, tricks and strategies so that we can all have a little more tools to work with in 2019. HOW: Registration starts SOON! We will be opening up registrations for the Bootcamp and there are only 40 on skates and …Read More

All-Stars’ season 2018 – very special and at the same time especially good!

It was an early spring Saturday when we sat down together as a team to think through what makes up a good team. Themes such as commitment, team spirit, clear goals, lifting each other up, smart strategies, confidence in yourself and each other and no ego came up. We set our goals high up for the season 2018. We agreed as our ultimate goal to make it to the Champs …Read More

We’re going to WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in A Coruña!

The top teams in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) are rolling into A Coruña, Spain for the 2018 International WFTDA Playoffs at the Ciudad de Deportiva de Riazor – Palacio de los Desportes, August 31st through September 2nd. We are glad our Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars made it to this tournament! Hosted by As Brigantias Roller Derby, this event brings 12 of the best teams in the world …Read More


You know the moment right before a game when your team huddles together, everyone reach their hand in the middle and shout out loud something weird or even funny? Usually when you start listening and you pick up a word or two you think is it weird because someone said something about dogs or states or win or what ever. For me it’s the moment when adrenalin rushes thru my …Read More

Mind games?

It’s the most important game of the season. Your team has done well during the whole season and it has come to this one game – one time for you to show what you got. You really keep trying and trying. You push yourself to the limits and still you don’t reach your best, instead, you keep going to the box and keep doing silly rookie mistakes. What’s wrong?! While …Read More

Make it a good memory

For most, weekends mean relaxation and taking it easy. For the All-stars, it usually means getting down to business of practices, off skates training, holding bootcamps and doing fundraising. No rest for the wicked amateur athletes! This weekend was no less busy than normal but it was very special in so many ways. Our mama bear Sara had her birthday, our dear friends from Turku had a scrimmage to determine …Read More

Change of scenery

I had my summer vacation from work when our fall season and playoff prep started so I decided to steal a week to myself. So I rented a cabin and drove to eastern Finland to be in the middle of nowhere and maybe see a bear. Being on a vacation when playoffs are so close, you can’t go on full holiday mode. Here are some tips how to stay active. …Read More

The road to the June 30th rankings

For a WFTDA D1 level team, planning the competitive season starts way before off season. Attending/watching international tournaments is one of the best ways of scouting future opponents and hence making sure that your team can keep their long-term competitive goals alive. If your goal is to reach a certain ranking, you have to choose your opponents according to a possible rankings points outcome. This is not particularly a fun …Read More

Train your weakness – get stronger, 5 weeks until Playoffs

As mentioned before, we have been located to Malmö Playoffs, which means that the return to training has to be quick, clean and full of energy. Even though we have lost our training space Bunkkeri, we still have some batman timed training times in Pasila, Viikki and Vuosaari. During the midsummer break my own focus has been on things I’m not so good at such as mobility besides normal offskates …Read More

New hobbies and motivation

During the mid-season break, when there’s less time on-skates and more time for other hobbies, I always like to challenge myself and try something new. This year I participated in a kayaking course. I love the nature so kayaking was a perfect way to bring both new experiences and new ways of training to my weekly routine. I have been kayaking roughly once a week during the summer, mostly exploring …Read More

Shiny happy people

I had great plans of doing hill running and making squat records when the mid-season break started after Kallio FINvitational Tournament. But first life happened and then I caught a cold. Three weeks went past and I wasn’t able to do any sports. Maybe that was my body’s way of telling me to slow down a bit. Funny fact – before roller derby those three weeks of doing nothing but watching …Read More

Mid season break

Mid season break – Break from skating, not from training. And yes, there was some derby as well. Spring season was hard. Before first tournament we were able to practice in our own training space, Bunkkeri. After that training times and amount of training times changed. It felt like we didn’t had time to train enough before the following tournaments and at the same time like we didn’t have time …Read More