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Travel Teams

Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars

All-Stars battle with the best teams in the world in the WFTDA championships. All-Stars compete mainly against foreign teams that means 2 to 4 trips to Europe and overseas per year. Get to know the players »



Queen B’s

Queen B’s are aiming to be the national champions in Finnish National Cup. Our B-team is the toughest B-team there is in Finland, competing against other league’s A-teams. Among Queen B’s you get great visibility around Finland and, as well, other Nordic countries and at times Europe. Get to know the players »




Our C-team plays high level games in Finland and in abroad. Get to know the players »




Alpakka says moo! Get to know the players »




Since 2015, we have also had junior skaters, aged between 10 and 17. This awesome group of young and talented future roller derby stars have given some new perspective and meaning to this sport and our league!
Get to know the players »



Officials and Volunteers


The skating zebras and observing flamingos. Did you think you can throw some elbow without getting caught? No bad deed will go unpunished. Find out more »




Running a league is hard work in itself. While all of our skaters and officials work in different departments, we also have volunteers who focus purely on the running of the league. Find out more »



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