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Queen B’s fun-filled 5 year anniversary at Tenerife: rematch against their first ever opponent

Due to the changing of the Finnish Nationals seasons’ schedule, Queen B’s are at the moment “between seasons”. This means that it’s a good time to learn new strategies,  integrate new players to the team, travel and meet new friends! In the beginning of February, Bees travelled to Tenerife to honour the anniversary of a game played exactly five years ago: Tenerife Roller Derby against Helsinki Roller Derby B-team. 

Five years ago the game was really even, and it was also the very first real game for both teams! HRD B-team managed to win the tough game with the final score of 79-110. Now the game ended with a clearer victory for the Bees: 38-343, leading to the historically high 15th position in Europe for Queen B’s!

Star pass!

Tenerifes clever star pass right after the first whistle came as a surprise to the Bees (photo by Alberto Cejas)

Regardless of the heavy attacks of the annual flu season to the Queen B’s crew (think you Cisse for bringing the medication -we highly recommend the nasal douche to everyone!), Queen B’s played a strong game, and got to test their strategy book. Bees were strong with the starting strategies, and lead status meant more points in each jam. Tenerife had a really strong offence, and their “last line of defence”, catching the jammer in the front of the pack, was very effective!

For B’s, it was a great time to bring in some newer players: it was the first official B-team game for #112 What the Fuchs and #46 Penttinen, and first one after a break for #441 Xhaard. It was also the first official jamming duty for #888 Lotta. All the “newbies” played extremely strong game -even though Lotta occasionally forgot she was jamming, and helped her blockers a bit here and there. For the audience it looked like a really clever move and multitasking, so we didn’t punish her very heavily.

Lotta and Panda racing to the pack

Lotta being chased by extremely angry looking Peekaboo Panda -skate, Lotta, skate! (photo by Alberto Cejas)

Queen B’s have been extremely lucky with their opponents: AMAZING host after another! Kind people of Tenerife arranged a great after game dinner (with so many courses we can’t even remember all of them), and a super cool cake after all that! Just look at that pretty (and delicious!) cake! HOW did they do that?!?

We invited our new friends to Helsinki as well, and maybe in 5 years we will make a trip to Tenerife again!

YAMMMYYY 5-year anniversary cake

YAMMMYYY 5-year anniversary cake! (Photo by Jonna)

Our hard-working players also partied hard after the game, dinner and cake -some of them mixed their late-night snack to breakfast. During these dark but warm tropical night hours, our very own Late Laatikainen also promised that we can teach some of our tricks to the local team on Monday, and so we drove back to the venue at 21:00 on Monday night to demonstrate some of our favourite drills and ways to avoid offence in the beginning of the jam. We had so much fun, thanks for inviting us guys! Hopefully our tricks prove useful in your next game :)

Coach Aki explaining and B's demonstrating our best trills to the eager learners!

Coach Aki explaining and B’s demonstrating our best trills to the eager learners!

Text: Jabba

More awesome photos by Alberto Cejas here!



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